All Saints Skin Clinic celebrated its 20th birthday with family, close friends and industry personalities at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Clinic founder Dr Joseph Hkeik said the glamorous guest list was made up of family, close friends and industry personalities who have “helped All Saints Skin Clinic become one of Australia’s leading skin clinics today”.

During the event, he told guests he couldn’t let the clinic’s “incredible achievements over the years go unnoticed”.

“It was important for us to celebrate this impressive 20-year milestone in spectacular style.”

He explained that All Saints was formed by combining two of his life passions: medicine and art (sculptures and ceramics in particular).

He also thanked his mother, Nazha Hkeik, for playing a very important role in his personal interests and professional choices.

Dr Joseph Hkeik and his mother Nazha Hkeik

My mother planted this creativity seed in my heart from a very young age,” he said.

“As a young boy, I remember sitting beside my mother as she made her own dresses. As a child, I would be so mesmerised! How can a human being take a flat piece of fabric, and turn it into the most beautiful garment?

“She would wear this garment, and all of a sudden her transformation was amazing! And that really left a seed in my heart. That one day, when I grow up, I want to be like my mother – someone that can transform things.”

He said his mother also taught him about unconditional love.

“She taught me how to unconditionally help people without really asking for anything in return,” he said.

“And above that, she taught me about honesty. She also taught me to respect all human beings, especially women.”

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