12 Makeup Pros That Cinched Halloween

MUAHAHAAAA! Happy Halloween, beauty lovers…

Source: Instagram (Kerri54)

For MUAs, there’s no better time than today to show off your prowess with a palette.

These beauty pros have taken Halloween makeup to a whole new level with gruesomely realistic makeup that’s guaranteed to scare the pants off anyone. Prepare to be inspired.

And horrified…

1. Half face

2. Mask of torture

3. Flesh eatin’


4. Monster mouth


5. Zip your lips

6. Falling apart


7. Doll face

8. See right through you

9. Clowning around

10. Violet vamp

11. Jeepers creepers

12. Eye can see you

Have your say: What are you planning on dressing up as this Halloween?


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