A skincare brand has made a bold move to market its brand this season, launching its own targeted digital magazine.

Most brands celebrate the new season by launching another ad campaign.

Not Alpha-H.

In a bold move, the savvy professional skincare brand has launched its own digital magazine to appeal to the latest generation of tech-focused consumers.

“The magazine really captures the essence of our brand. We are more than just skincare, we are a lifestyle, and this magazine really demonstrates that,” says Alpha-H director, Michelle Doherty.

Titled pH 2.5, the seasonal edit features the latest trends in beauty, fashion, lifestyle and skincare. While perusing the pages of the online publication, readers can expect to find useful tips, tricks, advice and some up close and personals with well-known fashion and beauty experts.

“We are privileged to be in the position where people value what we have to say and we want to put it to good use. Being able to give our customers some great advice while showcasing the latest and greatest in skincare is paramount,” explains Doherty.

The magazine, which will release each season, allows the brand to fully engage with their customers in a vehicle which is fast becoming king amoung today’s need-it-now digi-savvy consumers.

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