Professional nail brand FABY’s Italian Holiday polish featured on the hands and toes of models at Seafolly’s 2015 collection showcase.

As the weather heats up, so too does the catwalk.

Showing off this season’s hot look for nails, models at iconic Australian swimwear brand Seafolly’s 2015 parade nails emblazoned with lively tangerine.

The look was excecuted by new professional nail brand, FABY, who are also one of the handful of nail brands in the country to offer cruelty-free polishes.

FABY Nails  is also one of a select few professional brands to go ‘big five free’ –  made without dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor.

The bright orange-hued polish featured on the Seafolly 2015 catwalk, entitled Italian Holiday, was inspired by visions of a tropical holiday, says FABY Australia colour stylist and general manager, Karon McKendrick Taylor.

“Italian Holiday by FABY Nails is a vibrant shade of tangerine that reminds you of a tropical sunsets and Italian romances.”

McKendrick Taylor says the hue is sure to be a hit this summer, along with other popular shades this season, forecast to be white, pastels, watermelon, blues and turquoise.

The brand’s first collection, Fabulous FABY,  features lively, effervescent colours for spring and summer.

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