The experts weigh in with winter waxing tips for happy clients in the colder months

Client and waxer needs will change from season to season, and we’ve talked to waxing brand Caronlab Australia founder Lillian Caron about what she’s learned works best for waxing salon set ups during the colder months and what her winter waxing tips are. We discuss how having a quieter schedule gives you more time with clients (and how that can be good for business), why thoughtfulness and cosiness count and how to educate clients to become routine rebookers.

Use the extra time in your schedule to sell

When we asked Caron what she thought the main difference is between waxing clients in the winter rather than summer/warmer months, she says that in winter it’s the time you get with clients and the fact that clients have longer regrowth to wax, since they can hide it under a bulky winter wardrobe. “The main positive about waxing in winter is that you have more time with your client, because it’s not as busy as in summer. This allows you to talk about after care, retail products, upsell treatments like facials and paraffin,” says Caron. And the upsell is important in winter since you’ll likely have fewer clients than in summer when clients bare more skin. She adds that “The client’s skin is more likely to be quite dry through winter rather than summer, so it’s important to communicate the importance of aftercare to keep your clients skin happy and healthy! Clients also aren’t as reluctant to let their hair grow out in preparation for waxing as they can cover their hair with long clothing.”

Be detail oriented

The number one thing she thinks that waxers get wrong with their treatment rooms is a lack of thoughtfulness and attention to the details and using the wrong wax. You might think all waxes are the same, but use the right one and the treatment will be that much better for the client. “This can lead to spilling wax everywhere, including on clients, wasting time and disrupting the flow of your treatment. A good room setup can help you save money, save time and save clean-up,” says Caron. She also says she’s noticed that the “Other things waxers get wrong is that they don’t understand the wax they’re using (and using the wrong wax), not finding out what clients want to achieve in their appointments and not communicating with the client about their skin/waxing history.”

Make it cosy

The biggest and most obvious thing you can do to keep your clients comfortable in winter is to keep it warm! Make sure they’re not freezing up there on the treatment table, as they’ll often need to have a lot of skin exposed. Caron agrees, saying “Turning the heater on to a comfortable temperature, having an electric blanket if necessary, having your room stocked and ready to go, relaxing music and scented candles to create a nice ambiance, offering your client a hot beverage on arrival – these things make a difference and keep your clients coming back for more. Have your waxing heaters set on a timer so they are at the correct temperature before you start. Having a routine of what you need to do pre and post appointments including extra little things like having a soft towel on hand in case your client is still cold. Having a specific place for all items in your waxing room and also out of the room.

“A comfortable experience such as a winter ready room, as clients want to be warm and not feel the cold. They love to see a prepared and confident therapist who pays attention to detail, like warming up her hands before you start your treatment. Clients like to know you care about what you’re doing and also about how you waxing them makes them feel, especially if it has been a long time since their last appointment.”

Caron says that you should make sure to retail products that are handy for clients in winter like “exfoliating mitts, rich moisturisers, cosy candles and skincare that deeply hydrates the skin.”

Rebooking is key

And last, you want your clients to rebook! Even when it’s cold and they’re letting everything grow out under their tights and jumpers. “Educate your clients in the importance of rebooking – regular growth cycles, less painful waxes, less growth and thickness over time, dead skin cell turn over and putting moisture back into the skin,” says Caron. “Regular waxing ensures a better overall result. Having it set in their calendar means they know that they have an appointment coming.”

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