“We’ve really seen the popularity of functional products begin to make waves”

With consumers now more aware of what they’re putting into their body and on top of their skin, thanks to global health concerns, one corner of the industry generating buzz is that of nutrient-dense products, or ‘skin food’.

This year the 2021 Naturally Good Expo (May 30-31) at Sydney’s ICC is featuring numerous producers in this area including adaptogen-led Love Beauty Foods, probiotic skin care company Amperna and beeswax beauty balm company Beetanicals.

Another key exhibitor, Amazing Oils, specialises in magnesium-infused products, offering things like Fix My Face moisturiser and an Ugly Bits concealer stick.

The company recently launched new product Body Repair Lotion, which is a potent moisturiser thanks to grape seed oil, cacao seed butter and chamomile. It features magnesium oil on its ingredient list. Why? The body absorbs the oil which can aid with health functions, including regulating nerve and muscle function, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, maintaining optimum blood pressure levels and manufacturing and supporting protein, bone, and DNA health.

“Typically, magnesium on its own can have a drying effect on the skin, however, it’s so beneficial for important processes such as cellular regeneration and collagen production,” explained General Manager Grace Harold. “This is why we’ve included lots of moisturising and nutritious essential oils such as grape seed oil and sunflower seed oils in our products to balance the repair process with glowing skin.” 

Grace said the company was established after a family member was diagnosed with a serious illness in 2010. “We began searching for products that would help lesson his suffering. This research led us to discover the amazing benefits of magnesium and ignited a passion to share it with as many people as possible. We established the business following year.”

Grace said the last 12 months had been interesting given the global challenges, which has largely been a positive one for beauty producers in the natural health space.

Currently stocked in health stores and pharmacies across Australia and New Zealand, as well as selected Department Stores in the US and UK, the company saw a huge spike in eCommerce activity both during and post-COVID.

“We’ve really seen the popularity of functional products begin to make waves in the cosmetic and personal care industry. People are really developing an ever-increasing awareness of the ingredients used in skincare which is so necessary and liberating.

We believe the more chemicals we can replace with essential, natural vitamins and minerals, the better. You might as well use something that can do the job well in addition to providing extra health benefits.”

The company says demand is currently strong for their products which also includes their best-selling Magnesium Pro Sleep Lotion which is massaged into the lower back to help you drift off to sleep.

Amazing Oils now have their sights set on more expansion into the global market, especially further e-commerce. “The likes of Amazon US, T-Mall, and similar sites are leading the way in both service and delivery and shaping the future expectations of the global consumer, so we’d like to explore these types of avenues.”

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