Tried-and-Tested: All-Over Body Scrub at QED

Team PB takes you inside the glass doors of Australian beauty salons to gain a first-hand experience in the treatments offered to their clients today. Today’s location: QED.


The Stimulating Body Treat


QED Skincare, Bellevue Hill, Sydney


QED beauty therapist, Gina


It’s not often I head into a skin clinic for a non-facial experience, but on this occasion I was invited to trial QED’s signature body treatment. 

I was welcomed into the clean, laid-back Eastern Suburbs destination by beauty therapist Gina, who kicked off my treatment by having me select a scent journey for the day: floral it was. Gina recommended I strip to my knickers for the full experience, before laying face-down on the heated treatment bed. Gina then swaddled me in towels for extra warmth, before commencing the treatment with QED’s signature breathing exercise. Gina warmed QED’s Bergamot + Lavender 6 essential oil in her hands before having me take three deep breaths, allowing the fragrance to engulf my senses and send me into a deeper state of relaxation.

Starting from the backs of my legs, Gina applied the QED Deep Hydration Exfoliator – an exceptionally gritty, no-rinse cream designed to scale away dead skin cells and accelerate blood flow. QED founder and pharmacist Shoshana Eisner developed the product using hydrating jojoba oil and antioxidant-rich green tea to nourish the skin on application. Gina worked the product into my skin using large sweeps and specialised Swedish massage techniques to dislodge any niggling discomfort. The treatment was extended up along my back and shoulders – where stress and pain had no doubt set up shop! – before flipping me around to exfoliate the front of my legs and arms.

Gina used hot towels to remove the scrub and to make way for the brand’s balm application. Packed with vitamin E, jojoba and shea butter, the QED Ultra-Sensitive Body Balm has since fast become a favourite product of mine with its creamy consistency and addictive Bergamot + Lavender 6 scent. Gina warmed the balm in the palms of her hands, coating my limbs with the soothing solution. Gina’s application was thorough and relieving, sending me into a micro sleep.

One hour later, the treatment concluded (to my bitter disappointment). I felt calm, with skin so smooth it was as though I’d been reborn. 24 hours later, with a sticky one year-old and evening shower in the mix, and my skin remained soft and considerably hydrated.

I was impressed by this treatment, and would no doubt recommend the experience to a loved one needing a little R&R. Throw in a facial, too for the ultimate head-to-toe skin detox. LOVE!

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