The Technology Takeover

The beauty industry is constantly evolving and new technology developments are inundating the marketplace. Anita Quade chats to salons  about how you can choose the best investment for your business as part of a series during August and September.

SALON INSIGHT from Skin Rescue Centre – clinic manager Hannah McMorrow.

Should you decide to upgrade the technology when trends change or a new model becomes available? 

“Firstly, we identify the key motivation driving the upgrade decision or purchase of a new device. If we see that we have outgrown the technology or the device no longer meets client expectations, then it’s time to invest.

The first option would be to see if the device simply requires an upgrade by way of new software or a new handpiece. If seeking a new device, we will speak to our supplier about the option of a trade-in. We may also consider selling the redundant device online or see if our supplier knows of a clinic looking for second hand equipment.

There is increased demand for non-invasive, result driven treatments that offer quick and visible improvements with minimal down time so we always look for multi-platform devices that offer a point of difference with a broad spectrum of treatments to ensure versatility, longevity  and a good return on investment.”

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