The latest technology in skin science expands to Australian shores with the local launch of Circadia Skincare

A physician-formulated range designed to work in conjunction with circadian rhythms, global multi-award winner Circadia Skincare has been at the forefront of cosmeceutical innovation over the last 30 years. Officially having launched in Australia in September 2020, Rachael Starkie, the Australian distributor and Director of Sales and Education, reveals what this expansion means for the Australian market.

PB: What are the next steps for Circadia’s launch into Australia?

“Brand awareness and recognition in the Australian market is our primary next step. We are renowned for our skin solutions in 30 countries by over 10,000 therapists, making us market leaders in this niche of the industry. We are excited about achieving the same recognition and credibility on Australian shores.

Our approach will be twofold. Firstly, developing partnerships with stockists who share our passion for unique skin solutions and exceptional training. Having the right representation in each state is paramount to us. This will be supplemented by finding aligned ambassadors that can assist us in tapping into our target market online.

Secondly, we plan to have our CEO and world-renowned educator, Michael Pugliese, visit Australia to present about the range and train aestheticians on how to achieve optimal solutions for a multitude of skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, and of course, ageing.

Circadia has been a pioneer in bringing the concept of circadian rhythms and chronobiology to the beauty and wellness industry, and there isn’t anything on the Australian market that is comparable to this. Our award-winning formulations bring nature and science into perfect harmony and are far ahead of mainstream offerings. This is why we are so excited for Australian beauty professionals and consumers to experience our range!”

PB: Tell us about the process. What did it take to launch into Australia?

“More than 4 years back, before I knew about Circadia Skincare, I came across our founder Dr. Peter Pugliese’s book, “Advanced Professional Skincare” whilst on the hunt for cutting-edge solutions to my clients’ skin concerns. As soon as I looked into the brand’s concept and history, I was intrigued.

Knowing that our skin is in a natural state of defense against aggressors in the environment and that it goes into rest and repair mode at night might be obvious to us as aestheticians, however, discovering that through Circadia’s unique formulations, we are able to optimise these natural states and circadian rhythms to achieve customised solutions, was mind-blowing to me. There wasn’t anything equivalent on the market.

Shortly after, I became the very first stockist of the range in Australia and using the Circadia skincare system, professional peels, as well as oxygen treatments, I was able to achieve ground-breaking results for my clients like never before.

We were able to resolve multiple skincare concerns, some of which had developed and worsened over many decades, leaving the client feeling hopeless. Once they experienced Circadia, there was no turning back.

My goal has always been to keep learning, growing, and providing my therapists and clients with unique skincare solutions, exceptional training, and ongoing support. As the proud Australian distributor for Circadia, I can already anticipate the positive impact we will have on the professional beauty industry, consumers, and our local communities, as we accelerate over the next few months.”

PB: What hurdles do other brands need to know about?

“Whilst we are grateful that Circadia has its own FDA-approved, ISO-certified manufacturing lab which means we can closely manage production times, we know most brands do not have this luxury. We can directly control what raw materials and ingredients we source, and oversee both our quality and our stock very closely.

As most brands hire third-party manufacturers or outsource a lot of their production,  they need to be aware that sourcing the right materials can be difficult, especially during COVID, when there are disruptions in the supply-chain system. They need to plan accordingly, as we are living in unpredictable times filled with obstacles and challenges.

Additionally, having an effective launch strategy with all of the appropriate procedures in place is also integral to success in any market. Anticipate growth – sometimes rapid growth, and have the right staff, network, brand ambassadors, and operational systems in place to charge ahead at full speed.”

PB: What lessons have you learned?

“The skincare industry is saturated, and competition is fierce. I’ve learned that breaking through the noise can be difficult, but a focus on effective communication means we stand a chance. This includes communicating clearly with stockists and focusing on educating them, having the right marketing and social media strategy in place to communicate with our target consumers, etc.

I personally know that this is by far the most superior skincare range I’ve ever experienced and recommended. I want every therapist to feel the same way, and once they understand and experience the range for themselves and for their clients, I have no doubt that they will. Hence in a rapidly-growing industry, well-educated therapists who invest in their own learning, and can also provide optimised solutions to clients that positively change their lives, is what is truly important. I’ve learned that if I can inspire them to do this, I’ve created a thriving ecosystem for the brand.

Lastly, I’ve learned that investing in my growth is a life-long and rewarding pursuit, and having a strong support system makes all of the difference. I learn something new daily! Our industry, and skin science, evolve so rapidly. We want the edge, and consistent training is the way to get it. Along with like-minded staff, clients, and friends who want to see you succeed, and will help you grow.”

PB: What differences have you noticed between the US and Australian markets?

“The American market is a few years ahead of us, so it’s been very helpful to have our brand well-established in that market. It means we are privy to what trends are coming, can anticipate what that might mean for us here, and can remain at the forefront of the latest education as well as innovation in the cosmeceutical skincare market.

Additionally, treatments like HydraFacial, are in their infancy here but already a success in other parts of the world. Hydrafacial treatments are being offered in salons globally and will be a large part of the Australian salon industry in years to come. Our boosters from the Circadia and Hydrafacial partnership recently became available in Australia earlier this year and we have already had such great response so far.”

PB: What’s next for the brand, locally?

“Educating our stockists and aestheticians about circadian rhythms, and ensuring consumers understand the concept too.

The Pugliese family’s commitment to advancing the cosmeceutical industry is synonymous with the innovative personality of the brand. Whether that’s ongoing research, cutting-edge clinical formulas, or stockists receiving the highest possible level of skin education, we are all about development. Many aestheticians internationally have been recognised with Aesthetician of the Year awards after partnering with Circadia. In the same vein, developing our local education program in Australia will be an ongoing focus.

The brand’s history also involves philanthropy, and giving back is one of our highest values at Circadia. We are currently working on providing high school students with complementary acne treatments and will continue to find new ways to add value, goodwill, and positive energy to our sphere of influence.”

PB: Can you tell us a bit about your hard launch into the Australian market at Beauty Expo this year?

“Unfortunately, Beauty Expo Australia was cancelled this year due to the devastating effects of coronavirus. Whilst we couldn’t compete and celebrate our launch the way we had intended, we are grateful for our soft launch in Perth. We understand that it is a challenging time for the industry as a whole. We know our launch will be slower than anticipated due to these circumstances, but nonetheless rewarding as we continue to persevere and focus on growth, education, and strategic, mutually beneficial partnerships.”

PB: Can you talk a bit about soft launching in Perth and what you think the pros and cons of doing that before a hard launch are?

“As Circadia is primarily a family-owned and operated business (with the late Dr. Pugliese as founder and his grandson, Michael Pugliese as current CEO), we were pleased about launching in our home state.

Creating meaningful connections within our community is of the utmost importance to us, so we loved getting to know everyone in Perth’s tight-knit community. The added advantage of launching in a small city has been being able to test what has worked and perfect our strategy and avenues for expansion in other states.”

Circadia’s line-up includes multiple awards in the Skin Games, LNE & Spa Awards, and Dermascope awards. Founded in 2001 by the late Pennsylvanian physician Dr. Peter T. Pugliese, who was considered by industry professionals to be the godfather of cosmeceuticals, Circadia boasts three generations of excellence as a family business. Health and wellness are at the epicenter of the brand, and Circadia Skincare Australia looks forward to transforming skins on Australian shores, through its unparalleled skincare solutions.

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