The Laser Lounge Introduces Laser Fat and Cellulite Reduction

The Laser Lounge is extremely excited to announce they will be launching the very popular laser technology service for fat and cellulite reduction, iLipo in their Sydney CBD Clinic. The Laser Lounge, being industry leaders in all things para-medical beauty, are proud to be encouraging the most safe and effective fat reduction treatment available, using what they love best – medical grade lasers. Laser Fat and Cellulite Reduction, or iLipo as it is famously known, is an FDA approved, advanced laser fat reduction machine, which is ideal for both men and women who want to lose stubborn fat.

Our Sydney CBD clients have voiced the high demand for a safe and effective laser technology that can assist them in their weight loss journey, knowing they can trust our expertise in the para-medical beauty field and our determination to provide them with the best possible treatment outcomes. The iLipo treatment process begins with a consultation session, to determine whether the client is a suitable candidate for the treatment. The treatment itself ONLY takes 20 minutes and uses low level laser diode pads to send a signal to the fat cells to create a chemical reaction; this reaction ensures that the triglycerides in the fat cells break down, and turn into freed fatty acids and glycerol’s. The laser assists in making the fat cell walls porous, allowing the freed fatty acids and glycerol’s to escape into the interstitial tissue. The treatment should be followed by a period of exercise of up to 30 minutes, in which the broken down fat can be picked up by the body’s lymphatic drainage system and burned off.

Results can be seen almost immediately, with clients having the ability to lose, on average, between 2 and 4cm in circumference per treatment. A treatment course of 8 sessions ($950) is recommended over a 4-week period (2 sessions per week); this will ensure the most effective results for the client when combined with a healthy diet and consistent exercise.

The Laser Lounge prides itself on being the industry leaders when it comes to laser hair reduction, skin rejuvenation and non-surgical cosmetic enhancements. Our expert, friendly and honest Skin and Laser Technicians and medical practitioners are highly qualified in Para-medical beauty and are passionate about providing the most comfortable and effective treatments. In 2012, The Laser Lounge partnered with the AACDS who are Australasia’s premier college established to provide all educational needs in relation to dermal therapies and cosmetic nursing and is the ONLY curriculum recognised by the cosmetic medical profession.

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