A Synergie Skin Stockist on Why She Chooses to Work With the Brand

At the helm of Jade Cosmetic Clinics in Queensland is Lisa Price – registered Cosmetic Nurse and Director of the business’s three sites, dotted in Brisbane, Cairns and Trinity Beach. Founded in 2005, Lisa established her business with the goal of providing premium medical cosmetic care to clients looking for effective treatment solutions, especially around prevention and restoring facial volume. It was at this time that Lisa onboarded Terri Vinson’s Synergie Skin and, as Lisa admits, has “never looked back!”

Jade Cosmetic Clinics are located in Queensland

Synergie Skin from the start

Lisa first developed a relationship with Terri close to two decades ago. She worked with Terri during her tenure as a formulator and trainer for a large skincare company in Melbourne, while Lisa worked for a plastic surgeon. “I was impressed by Terri’s knowledge and creativity at the time, and a few years later we met by chance at a cosmetic conference,” Lisa recounts. “When she told me of her own skincare range, I hounded her until she allowed me to stock it in Jade.” The decision, it’s understood, meant Lisa was considered one of the first beauty spaces to use and sell Synergie Skin in Queensland at that time. 

To this day, Lisa advocates for Terri’s genius and ability to remain ‘on’ when it comes to cutting edge ingredients. “Synergie Skin offers a complete range of skincare products and mineral make-up that is loaded with quality ingredients. The results that our clients have achieved over the years is nothing short of spectacular.”

Jade Cosmetic Clinics’ founder, Lisa Price

On choosing sustainable

Synergie Skin’s tagline is ‘Clean Science’. This remarks on the brand’s commitment to sustainability – values Lisa says align perfectly with those of Jade. “[Working with Synergie Skin] allows us to feel a sense of responsibility; that we’re playing our part in a healthier world, and it is certainly what resonates with our clients. For Synergie Skin to be wholly Australian owned and produced is the icing on the cake!”

Up on education

A key focus for Lisa across her businesses rests in training and the education Synergie Skin provides her teams. Lisa describes this education as “world class”. “The Synergie Skin team are readily available with hands-on training. I have been an avid attendee at aesthetic conferences both interstate and internationally for the past 17 years,” Lisa notes. “On numerous occasions I have listened to industry experts present on the latest in skin science; learnings Synergie Skin had actually implemented a couple of years prior!”

Jade Cosmetic Clinics have been stocking Synergie Skin for close to two decades

In-clinic, Lisa utlises the brand across a range of Synergie Skin skincare treatments, from medi-facials to peels. “[The brand] is the foundation of our skincare clinics for both maintenance and preparation for our deep dermal treatments such as HALO Laser and RF Skin Needling. The results we achieve speak volumes, with the majority of clients booking in after seeing the skin transformations of their friends.”

To stock Synergie Skin in your beauty space, visit the brand’s stockist page.

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