SkinCeuticals Welcomes Scientific & Education Communications Manager

SkinCeuticals takes pride of place as one of the world’s leading cosmeceutical skincare companies. With an attention to research and development and a focus on challenging the skincare status quo, the brand is looking to their newly appointed Dr Tania Romano to further solidify the brand’s Australian presence. Hannah Gay chats to the Scientific and Education Communications Manager on her role.

Dr Romano, congratulations on your new role! Briefly describe what a day in your role as SkinCeuticals’ Scientific and Education Communications Manager will look like?

“Thank you! I’m thrilled to be part of the SkinCeuticals team. A day in my role can be quite varied but there is a lot of collaboration and communication with Australia’s leading doctors, from dermatologists to plastic surgeons. I spend a lot of time reviewing the scientific literature on skincare and the scientific studies and evidence for SkinCeuticals’ products and ingredients. As SkinCeuticals is advanced scientifically backed skincare, I am also in charge of designing and running new, local Australian clinical studies to further advance our knowledge. I also oversee the full education strategy created by the SkinCeuticals team for our doctors, nurses and aestheticians.”

I understand you have a background working in the study of diseases. How will your research feed back into your role with SkinCeuticals?

“Before joining the SkinCeuticals team, I spent 15 years working as a biomedical research scientist and academic. My research focused on the developmental programming of adult diseases, and how interventions during pregnancy can have long term effects for offspring health. Academically, I am an expert in human physiology, lecturing to students in a variety of courses on every topic you could think of, including the skin! The high-level skills I’ve acquired as a research scientist are translatable across all fields of research, so I am well placed to lead the medical team for SkinCeuticals in Australia and oversee the integrated skincare studies we are planning for the future.”

SkinCeuticals is renowned for their vitamin C-packed serums

What goals are you hoping to achieve through your work with SkinCeuticals?

“With so many cosmeceuticals on the market it can be very confusing for a consumer to decide what is best for their skin, what product they should buy, how to use that product and what products you should or shouldn’t use together. There is also a lot of information and misinformation out there in print, on the web, social media and on podcasts, so it can still be very overwhelming! To fix this, clear, concise, and accurate information and education that is backed by factual, peer-reviewed science is key.

I am passionate about scientific education and a major goal of mine is to help simplify the science of skincare so that people can make decisions about their skin and which product is right for them. This is where SkinCeuticals stands out from other brands, having over 30 years of scientific research behind the brand. We are one of the only skincare lines to have peer-reviewed, scientific journal articles to be published in high impact medical journals. This is the highest standard of data integrity within the scientific community and speaks to the fact our products do deliver the intended results.”

Name a hero area/s of research skincare companies are placing their attention on in 2022.

“As is the nature of science, there are always new things to discover and learn. Skincare is not an exception to this. Within continual research and development, we can learn more about different active ingredients and how they work in conjunction with the physiology of the skin. This is an ongoing focus for us at SkinCeuticals globally.

There are emerging threats to the skin from the external environment (i.e. pollution, metals). SkinCeuticals is constantly reviewing and testing these new threats to create innovative skincare, pushing the limits of science in skincare.”

Finally, name your favourite SkinCeuticals product.

“The scientific basis for SkinCeuticals started with the development of our hero product, C E Ferulic. SkinCeuticals is the antioxidant authority of the skincare world, with our vitamin C serums formulated following strict guidelines ensuring optimal bioavailability within the skin. My personal favourite of our three vitamin C antioxidant serums is the Silymarin CF serum. Silymarin CF was designed for people with oily and blemish-prone skin who may have traditionally struggled with using vitamin C serums. I love how it easily absorbs into my skin providing me with a visible glow and all the additional benefits of a traditional vitamin C antioxidant like C E Ferulic.”

SkinCeuticals’ Silymarin CF serum

To learn more on SkinCeuticals, visit their Australian website or call 1300 060 116.

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