Skeyndor launches Spa Senses range

Skeyndor recently launched its Spa Senses Rituals series of six treatments and an accompanying product range.

Drawing on the healing properties of the Earth, the energies of gemstones, the bounty of plants, blossoms and herbs, Ayurvedic tradition and aromatic, exotic oils, Skeyndor says the range is as unique as every client.

Gem therapy uses the inherent properties, energy and vibration of gemstones to release physical tension and restore balance. The energy of the stones is linked to their chemical composition, colour and shape. They are widely used to work on the body’s chakra or energy centres. Each stone has its own characteristics and properties and according to their colour, shape and texture, have a unique energy that helps restore balance to the human body.

The six Spa Senses Rituals are:
Anti Fatigue Experience, which mixes haematite with organic mud to re-mineralise skin. A thermal bath and massage with gems complete the experience.

Sapphire Experience, which combines water from the springs of Salies de Bearn, rich in magnesium with 25 essential minerals and trace elements, malachite and a fluorite gem chakra balancing.

Hypnose Experience uses oriental oils and aromatic spices of saffron, myrrh and neroli to smooth the skin, alleviate stress and energise the body.

Detox Cure alleviates accumulated toxins, purifying and oxygenating with green tea, water lily, orchid extract and wild rose.

Relax Cure boosts circulation and alleviates tiredness and heaviness with an anti-congestive Arctic red fruit wrap.

Tense Cure eases muscular tension with the healing properties of ginger.

Luca Mora, CEO of Skeyndor, said: “We launched Spa Senses at the Sydney Beauty Expo and the response was overwhelming. Skeyndor is scientifically based and Spa Senses is no exception; the science is delivered through these new high performance rituals that offer a remarkable result in the skin and an undeniable restoration and energy uplift for the spirit.

“One of the emerging practices that will have a big impact on our industry is Energy Therapy. It’s a very hot topic that is generating a lot of attention. The body, mind and spirit connection can be completely customised to the client’s needs for real, exceptional and visible results.

“We are very excited about our holistically-based Spa Senses, as it encompasses the very heart of rejuvenation,” Mora added.

For more on information, contact Vogue Image Group 1 800 554 545 or (03) 9821 0033.

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