Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket relaunches

Six Senses Resorts & Spas has announced a new name for its destination spa.

The new name, Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket, captures the spa’s core purpose of delivering integrated wellness experiences along with peace, tranquillity, fitness and wellbeing.

Not simply a day spa, Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket offers a stress-free, idyllic environment where guests can retreat from today’s frenetic world.

The spa programs at Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket combine innovative and ancient holistic treatments with expert guidance from in-house and external wellness consultants.

These are supported by healthy organic cuisine, a wide range of wellness activities, intuitive service and warm Thai hospitality.

The Six Senses Sanctuary concept of wellness goes beyond instant gratification by delivering results-oriented therapies and helping guests make sustainable changes towards healthier lifestyles that will continue into the future.

The focus is on encouraging guests to gain perspective on their wellbeing and providing them with knowledge and practical tools so they can avoid the need for remedies and maintain high levels of health.

Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket has also introduced the following changes:

1. The traditional fisheterian and raw foods spa cuisine will be supplemented by organic and lean meat. The Six Senses Sanctuary has chosen meats with high nutritional value such as Wagyu beef, lamb, hormone-free turkey and bio-organic chicken.

2. Previously restricted to evenings, guests can now enjoy bio-dynamic and organic wines and champagnes throughout the day.

3. Due to increasing demand from health conscious parents, Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket is lowering the age limit to 12 years old.

4. Television sets will be available in villas and provided on request prior to guests’ arrival.

Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket is ideal for novices wanting a gentle introduction to wellness, for spa aficionados setting out on a journey of self-discovery, as well as those who just want to switch off, relax and enjoy a healthy break.

At the Six Senses Sanctuary, guests can also immerse themselves in the beautiful environment that surrounds them and explore the island and the bay itself.

For more information about Six Senses Sanctuary Phuket, visit the website.

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