Beauty report reveals Australian women’s attitudes to beauty

Beauty brand Nutrimetics has partnered with an independent research company to unveil the beauty secrets of Australian women.

Nutrimetics, through its development hub, the Nutrimetics Beauty Lab, has partnered with McCrindle Research to undertake a comprehensive review of what ‘beauty’ looks like to Australian women today.

The first edition of the Nutrimetics Beauty Lab Report focuses on understanding beauty and self image, a look at who or what shapes women’s perceptions of beauty, an analysis of routines and behaviours, and finally, a look at how Australian women communicate with one another about beauty.

1,884 women from across the country participated in this national survey, and in June 2010 focus groups were conducted to further explore the quantitative findings and to gain qualitative data, capturing insights into this ‘state of the nation’ beauty related report.

While the research was instigated by a retail beauty brand, the results are applicable to the professional beauty industry and gives salons, spas and professional brands an insight into the minds of their clients.

The report contains 35 pages of research results, and reported numerous findings including the following:

Skin and eyes are considered the most desirable attributes of physical beauty.

Australian women feel most beautiful when they’re dressed up for a night out and are most motivated to look beautiful for their partner.

Australian women spend on average 24 minutes a day and $69.98 a month on their beauty routines, but enjoy the time as a rewarding break, rather than seeing it as a chore.

Moisturiser is the number one product Australian women can’t live without, but for a quick confidence boost they’re most likely to reach for a spritz of perfume.

The average Australian woman has at least two different “looks” she uses on a regular basis, but women are stuck in a rut, only changing those looks every couple of years.

When Australian women need a lift they’re far more likely to turn to a massage than plastic surgery.

Models and advertising are seen as the biggest influences on their perception of beauty but they are also perceived as the most negative.

When it comes to their own self image, their parents are credited with playing the most important role.

Magazines are considered the primary source of beauty information, but the influence of social networks and the internet is growing, and the word of a friend will always be trusted.

Australian women believe nowadays girls are being exposed to the concept of beauty at a much younger age.

As a nation, Australians prize a look that is fit, healthy and natural, with Elle Macpherson, Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman and Megan Gale named as some of Australia’s most beautiful women.

Generation Y prizes uniqueness, vibrancy, freshness and confidence. Generation X is drawn to health, warmth, athleticism and all round achievement.

Baby Boomers prize most a complete package of “beauty” admiring artistry, warmth, health and a sense of peace.

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