Q&A: Zhanna Hildred

Creator of Slim N Healthy homeopathic drops for weight loss, Zhanna Hildred chats to PB about her ‘magic drops’ and how to introduce them to your clients.

slimbnhealthyWhat is your background? And why did you create these drops?

My background was fashion and one night when I was launching a new range I had put on that much weight that my dress split and had to stay at the launch like that. As I tried various diets that didn’t last I then went in search of a weight loss program that would. I’ve been involved in a few accidents in the past so I couldn’t exercise.

Tell us about the homeopathic element in your drops?

Our Support Drops contain activators (non-hormonal), radionically prepared hcg, Hypothalumus, Pituitary, Thyroid and homeopathic multiple potencies L- Carnitine, L- Ornithine, L-Arginine in Ethanol. Our Australian-made product is our unique formula and does not contain ingredients of human or animal origin.

How important is it for salon clients to stay healthy?

It’s important for everyone to stay healthy, however, if a salon can help their customers do that then they are caring about their clients.

What are some health trends salon owners should know about?

They should know that they can now offer various ranges of health products that can improve their service. Gone are the days when salons only offered hair or beauty products.

Selling tips for salon owners?

Mention that there is a maintenance program for 3 weeks afterwards. You can also tell clients: “the drops will do most of the work for you” or “these drops help to make your weight loss last long after you have finished them.

For more information visit www.slimnhealthy.com.au

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