Plastic surgeon creates skincare line

The owner of Dr Anh Plastic Surgeon Medispa Wellness Clinic in Perth, Dr Anh Nguyen has also just released her own skincare line.

Tell us why you launched your own skincare range?
I have always been passionate about skin health and aesthetics because I know how important it is to feel comfortable in your own skin. I wanted to help my patients achieve their aesthetic goals and wanted them to have beautiful healthy skin, as an essential component of beauty and confidence. And I wanted products that delivered proven results, contained premium medical grade active ingredients, a range that was simple and easy to use, that was cruelty free, Australian made and didn’t break the bank. So I developed a range that I would proudly put my name next to because it ticked the boxes.

What has the reaction been like?
The feedback has been overwhelmingly better than I had hoped with so many glowing comments about how beautiful it is, how it actually works and how much they love it and have recommended it to others.

How long did it take you to develop the concept and formulations?
The process has taken the past 12-18 months to bring onto the market but the work into developing it has been ongoing for years. 

What is the hero product?
The Dr Anh hero product is a special concoction customised by myself and my team for each individual patient based on their skin goals and existing skin health.


Dr Anh created the line to help her patients achieve their skin goals at home.


You won WA Business Entrepreneur of the year. Tell us about that.
I won the 2017 Telstra Business Woman’s Award for Entrepreneur of the Year WA and was a National Finalist too. 

It was a true honour to be recognised for what I do outside of being a plastic surgeon as a woman with a strong clear passionate vision who worked hard despite challenges to realise her dreams and it was validation that I was doing okay. 

It was a whirlwind experience that enabled me to reflect on my own growth and that of the business from when it was a startup to building the brand and the business and project into the future. 

I’ve met a lot of inspirational, strong trailblazers who are women and mums trying to make a difference who I keep in touch with now for friendship and support. 

The award encouraged me to keep believing in my values and vision and keep growing and giving back. And I have definitely grown in confidence since winning the award and hence have been able to launch the skincare.

How have you seen the face of the beauty industry change?
The industry has changed in that there is a stronger consumer influence than ever before largely led by social media influencers and trends so the industry has had to adjust to listen to and
try and meet the demands. More people are trying to get into the industry perhaps believing it is a lucrative market with more franchises being setup offering a range of services, which increases competition which benefits consumers giving them choice and potential price benefits. However, there still must be a reminder that beauty and aesthetic treatments can and do have complications and there is no substitute for experience.

Any hit beauty predictions for the year ahead?
More natural looking aesthetic results with fewer breast augmentations, perhaps more fat augmentation, less dramatic lip augmentation, less buttock augmentation, stronger jawlines and sharper contours in men, more treatments to the female intimate area and more male hairline enhancement.


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