31 things all makeup artists will understand

Every job has its pros and cons; but when your friends all have normal 9-5s and you spend your days explaining why the Kim K look isn’t natural and applying the perfect strip lash, it can be hard for anyone to understand your struggle quite like your fellow artists can. Here are 31 things everyone who is a makeup artist knows to be true…

1. When a client goes back and asks you to change something. 

2. “Oh, I’m sort of a makeup artist myself.”

3. Our survival method.  

6. Every night. 

7. You think you’ve got a lot of makeup?

8. “Go ahead and look down for me?”

9. You know I’m a makeup artist, right?

10. The human body can be…irritating. 

11. How we prefer to be approached.  

12. When you open that wardrobe door. 

13. A bit more shadow…

14. Seen 12:28pm. 

15. No judgement. 

16. Somehow a bit of foundation and mascara progresses to a whooole other level.  

17. So you want to look like Kim without a full face of products? Right. 

18. Don’t even try that on us. 

19. We said that in English, right?

20. You know we look different, right?

21. Priorities. 

22. Oh, you found someone cheaper? 

23. Those early mornings are soul destroying. 

24. First and foremost – hygiene. 

25. That’s nice. 

26. I work for a fee, not for free. 

27. We just want to make sure it’s perfect. 

28. The only time we consider changing professions. 

29. We’re just expanding the variety. 

30. When someone thinks our career is ‘fun’. 

31. We can’t perform miracles. 


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