Lendan launches Australian website

Lendan recently launched its Australian website. The website provides a background into the Lendan brand, product ranges, active ingredients and technology. It includes press coverage and the opportunity to join Lendan Australia either as a stockist or agent.

The News section contains up-to-date information from product launches to advice from Lendan’s very own in-house beauty therapist. Lendan believes in providing salons and their clients with as much in-depth information as possible, “to showcase the true value of choosing such a boutique brand as Lendan”.

“Creating a website that is visually attractive but also provides the right information is something that takes time. A website is a window into your brand and ensuring that everything is in place is vital. Without the proper planning a website can become like a messy house that you stumble through and this was something we definitely wanted to avoid. The internet has become such an important tool in communicating with the world, and we’re excited at being a part of this,” said Lendan Director, Daniel Tenaglia. 

Visit www.lendan.com.au

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