How Best to Invest in Your Brow Services to Meet the Needs of the Majority

As we enter a new year, the beauty trends of yesterday will begin to fall further out of favour as beauty aficionados direct their attention toward what’s next. For those in the brow game, distinctive trends from the super-skinny 90s brow to the all-encompassing bleached brow went viral in 2022. We also continued to see a rise in demand for brow lamination treatments, prompting salon owners to ensure they were investing in the best possible tools-of-the-trade for the best client results.

So how do businesses know where to direct their spending in 2023 if trends can so quickly come and go?

Refresh your treatment menu

The first step is to ensure your services menu is up-to-scratch. The start of a new year marks a great opportunity for business owners to take stock of their services and to look at revising the type of services on offer. If in 2022, you noticed higher demand for wax services, yet less for tints for example, it could be worth upping the rates you charge for waxes while planning a promotion on tints. 

Simplify your backbar

With so many products and consumables to account for, it’s important to re-take control of your backbar to ensure every item in it serves a purpose. Have you found yourself with too many unused tubes of one tint shade alone? Is your staff struggling to locate supplies in a timely manner during treatments? Are mistakes being made due to a lack of space or resources? Once you’ve refreshed your treatment menu, consider the supplies you may need to stock up on in order to deliver those core services. You’ll likely find that maintaining good supply levels of products used in your bread-and-butter treatments is the focus.

Invest in guaranteed sellers

While it’s tempting to drop big bucks on the latest makeup collab, trending shades or in-demand skincare ingredient, smart business owners will know that money is usually better spent on the staples. The highly respected team behind brow and lash brand, RefectoCil has answered salon owners’ calls with the release of two new brow styling products. Designed to retail in-salon only, RefectoCil’s Full Brow Liner and Brow Highlighter Set will meet the needs of clients with brows of all shapes and sizes.

RefectoCil’s new Full Brow Liners and Brow Highlighter Set

The Full Brow Liner embodies a super-fine, silk powder tip and is available in three universal shades. The nutrient-dense formula is designed to last for up to ten hours on the skin, and is both smudge proof and waterproof. Its opposing end also features a convenient spoolie for daily brow brushing. 

To compliment your clients’ finished brows, the Brow Highlighter Set makes for a great upsell. This creamy crayon is similarly made with silk powder for ten hours of wear. Adding a stroke of highlighter along the brow bone creates a youthful look and defined finish to the brow. The crayon can also be used to add shimmer to other high points of the face for a glowy complexion. The set also comes with a pairing crayon.

To stock these and other RefectoCil products at your beauty business, call 02 7200 8452.

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