5 Minutes With: Liberty Belle’s Andrea Moss

Co-founder of Liberty Belle Rx and CEO of Liberty Belle Skin Centres, Andrea Moss chats to Anita Quade about the secrets to success behind the Australian manufactured range that has star performers such as Date Night selling out in just 36 hours.

Tell us how you launched the Liberty Belle RX range?

“My husband, Dr Chris Moss is a plastic surgeon who is regarded as a world authority on facial ageing and rejuvenation. He created this skincare range for his plastic surgery patients and the patients at the Liberty Belle Skin Centre. We never intended for Liberty Belle Rx to be the global brand that it is today.”

What is the range’s point of difference in the ever growing skincare landscape?

“We prove our skin results with clinically taken before and after images. Many other brands just give statistics. For example 94% of people said this product reduced wrinkles – with a disclaimer down the bottom of the website stating that this was based on 24 people. We really like to be about to prove our skincare results.”

What has been one of your most popular products in the range?

“Our top four products are – Eye Do, Glam Squad, Date Night and Bright Star.”

You recently launched Date Night Deep Hydration overnight mask and it sold out within 36 hours – tell us about this.

“It was incredible. We were so proud of the formula and knew how well it would be loved but to sell out so quickly really showed us how in-touch the beauty consumer is with such a universally great product. It is formulated with an unparalleled selection of actives and supporting ingredients that include Ceramides, Skin Identical Lipids, Papaya Extract, Hydration Saccharide, Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Squalane, Vitamin E, Avocado Oil and Acai Sterols.”

Where do you source your ingredients?

“We work tirelessly to ensure that we have the best possible actives and raw ingredients from around the world. Our products are manufactured in Australia.”

Co-founder of Liberty Belle Rx and CEO of Liberty Belle Skin Centres, Andrea Moss

How hard has it been to launch a skincare range?

“I think we launched into the market at the perfect time for us. Chris is the science and I’m the ‘make it happen’ person. My skin centre – the Liberty Belle Skin Centre – has done over 250,000 appointments and prior to launching in 2018 we sold other skincare brands. We have a vast and unique knowledge base of how different ingredients work – which is why we knew we could do it better. It’s very reassuring to me to know exactly what’s in the skincare I use every day and that the manufacturing standards are the best in the world.”

What are some of your favourite parts about skincare?

“I love watching people’s skin transform using our product and it’s gentle on the skin too!”

Your favourite product?

“Eye Do, Star Quality, Dream Team and Bright Star.”

Do you think that your husband Dr Chris Moss, who is a global name in plastic surgery, and has a loyal following and reputation, leads people to trust the skincare line?

“The skincare industry is full of cowboys who make ridiculous claims. Bad skincare can cause years of problems – especially if people get caught in the perioral dermatitis and eczema cycles. I hope people see Liberty Belle Rx in the ocean of products out there and think they can trust us because Chris has endorsed the products with his name.”

Do you stock exclusively in Liberty Belle or can other salons stock this skincare range?

“Liberty Belle Rx is available from libertybellerx.com, in salon, from David Jones and we are accepting expressions of interest from salons for launch next year.”

You are also known for your charity work – how important is it for you as a business to give back?

“Dr Chris Moss and I are committed philanthropists and proudly support many charities and organisations – as seen on our website. I’m also honoured to be a founding member (2018) of the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s Circle of Giving.”

What are your plans for 2023?

“It’s going to be huge. I can’t reveal why.. but watch this space.”

This article first appeared in the November-December 2022 print edition of Professional Beauty.

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