Industry Choice: Perk Hybrid Facial

Perk Hybrid Facial

Designed for the Millennial and Generation Z markets, Perk Hybrid Facial is a fast and effective technology treatment that combines exfoliation and skin nourishment to deeply cleanse and plump.


What is it? How is it used?

Perk Hybrid Facial is a treatment specifically designed to attract the millennial market (20-35 years old) and Generation Z (under 19), who combined make up 50 percent of the market. These consumers enjoy technology, are short on time and are looking for affordable skin care that is within their budget. The Perk technology is a combined exfoliation and skin nourishment treatment that focuses on deeply cleansing the face, nourishing the delicate eye area, and lightly plumping lips. Perk delivers a fast treatment with instantly visible results that allows clinics to introduce millennials and Generation Z to the value of professional treatments. By encouraging these consumers to use professional treatments early in life the clinic can build new clients who will have a high lifetime value and move on to purchase other services over time.


What features distinguish this product from competitors?

The key feature that differentiates Perk is its unique hybrid-facial technology that merges an in-clinic treatment with a detachable serum applicator that the client takes to use at home. The take-home product is a physical part of the in-clinic equipment, which encourages the client to return to the clinic each month for a professional treatment. Perk is effective as both a stand-alone treatment or is gentle enough to support and enhance the results of the other services you provide. Each of the three stages of the Perk treatment can be delivered independently allowing Perk to be used as an express treatment to attract walk-by clientele or as an add-on sale to other treatments in the clinic. The equipment is similar in cost to many microdermabrasion devices but gives the clinic a new and exciting point of difference that helps to attract new clients.


What benefit does it offer the beauty professional?

The equipment-based component of the Perk treatment encourages clients to return to the clinic for monthly treatments, which creates regular cash flow for the clinic. In addition, by combining the professional treatment with a take home product the client perceives that they are receiving higher value for their time and money. An express Perk™ treatment achieves noticeable improvements in as little as ten minutes, with a full treatment completed in less than thirty minutes. This allows the clinic to target clients who would normally be too busy to have professional treatments. The ability to treat more clients per hour, and charge a premium for the convenience of the treatment, allows the clinic to increase the revenue earned per hour and enhances clinic profitability.


What benefit does it offer the consumer?

Perk is affordable and easy for a consumer to fit into a busy lifestyle. There is no-downtime required and consumers experience an instant result. The consumer feels that they are receiving extra value because they are given the professional serum and roller-flex treatment applicator to use at home for the month between in-clinic treatments. The Perk applicator is also a convenient size so it is easy to carry in a handbag so consumers can perform their beauty routine throughout the day at any time.


Are there design/compliance elements that make it stand out?

Perk uses a patented roller-flex technology that is able to deliver simultaneous exfoliation and nutrient delivery to the skin. The system is able to be used while the client is sitting up, thus allowing treatments to be performed without tying up a treatment room or bed. The treatment suits almost all skin types and the equipment is easy to use for both therapists and consumers. The Perk face treatment offers a deep cleanse, exfoliation and hydration and is a great alternative to microdermabrasion. It allows for consistent exfoliation and immediate penetration of key ingredients back into the skin. Additionally, the client gets a 30-day supply of take home products which encourages them to return more frequently for additional services.



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