Industry Choice: Trinity Plus 3-in-1 Antiageing System

Designed and manufactured in Italy, Trinity Plus blends three patented medical technologies to offer cutting-edge technology for the treatment of ageing, hair growth, stretchmarks, cellulite, acne and hair loss.

Industry Choice: The CooLifting gun

A simple and effective treatment, the CooLifting Gun is a state-of-the-art anti-ageing concept that fights wrinkles and promotes facial rejuvenation in just four minutes!

Industry Choice: Perk Hybrid Facial

Designed for the Millennial and Generation Z markets, Perk Hybrid Facial is a fast and effective technology treatment that combines exfoliation and skin nourishment to deeply cleanse and plump.

Industry Choice: Pelactiv Ultrasonic Treatment

A professional in-salon ‘infusion system’ treatment, the Pelactiv Ultrasonic Treatment takes skincare to the next level by incorporating three advanced formulation serums to target and treat specific skin concerns.

Industry choice: MyCODE Professional Lab

A range of six, customisable facial concentrates, MyCODE Professional Lab is formulated with highly-effective active ingredients to directly target the overall function and appearance of all types of skin.


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