Employees anxious about returning to salons

According to a recent study carried out by Qualtrics, 93 per cent of Australians believe workers should be allowed to stay home if they feel vulnerable or unsafe in the workplace, while one in three said that the only way they would feel safe would be if a vaccine for COVID-19 was available.

“Australia has done remarkably well to flatten the curve and it’s exciting to see government ease restrictions for businesses,” said Brigid Archibald, Managing Director for Qualtrics in Asia Pacific. “But as they do, employers and businesses need to remember the pace with which they are re-opening might not match their employees’ or customers’ readiness to return.

Brigid said it was important for salon owners to realise that during lockdown, employees and customers have become hyperaware of their health and what could threaten it.

“Employee and customer expectations have accelerated at an unprecedented rate in recent months. As restrictions continue to lift, organisations and governments need to understand how employee and customer behaviours and attitudes have changed so that they can take actions helping them feel confident during this next phase of the ‘new normal’,” she added.

The survey found that before they feel ready to return to work, employees want their employers to put the following safety practices in place:

  • 63 per cent of workers want hand sanitiser and cleaning supplies available
  • 52 per cent want policies prohibiting handshakes and hugs
  • 49 per cent want social distancing enforced
  • 45 per cent want to limit the size of workplace meetings
  • 42 per cent want people with compromised health be required to stay away from the salon.

Once they do return to work, many employees also stated that they would feel more comfortable if the following measures are also implemented:

  • 93 per cent of workers want to be allowed to work remotely at any point if they feel unsafe
  • 79 per cent of workers want everyone to have their temperature checked each day before entering the workplace
  • 60 per cent of workers said employees should be required to wear masks.

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