See what Ella Baché CEO Pippa Hallas says her top five tips are for reopening your salon after a lockdown

PB: What are your top five tips to get ready to re-open after a lockdown?

Our top 5 tips for our salons are:

  1. Working with staff to ensure everyone meets the government regulations of double vaccinations
  2. Contacting all clients on waitlists and client databases to start booking them in
  3. Sending out the “reopening” message to clients through digital marketing 
  4. Refresh the salon with new collateral and exciting gift with purchases
  5. Prep your staff with the new COVID-19 Safety plans and processes for welcoming clients back into salon”

PB: Why is it so important to prepare to re-open instead of just opening as if it’s business as usual?

“All businesses are faced with a number of government regulations in line with this reopening. To ensure we are operating in the safest possible manner for our staff and clients, we are carefully working through these regulations, as well as our own extensive cleaning protocols.” 

PB: What do salon owners need to do to help ease staff back into work?

“[In NSW] Our salon owners are working in line with government regulations for vaccination protocols. To support staff throughout the reopening of salons, we are providing all salons with scripts, processes and protocols on the reopening, welcoming clients back and government regulations.”

PB: How can business owners successfully re-connect with clients/regrow their client base?

“We have had waitlists in place for our salons in lockdown so our salons reopening [in NSW] on the 11th of October are now focusing on contacting those clients for bookings. We also know that social media and virtual events are a great way to connect with clients and we’ve had a number of salons host virtual events throughout this lockdown. We are committed to helping our clients learn what their skin loves at all times – whether that be in salon or virtually through events and virtual skin consults.” 

PB: How do you think business owners will adapt their business practices in a post-COVID-19 world?

“COVID-19 has been an accelerator of technology enabling many business practises to change into the future, such as online bookings and contactless payments as well as connecting to and educating clients on social media. Businesses need to keep adapting and ensuring compliance for the safety of their staff and clients. In a high touch environment like ours, we have always been committed to ensuring the strictest of cleaning measures and the highest of standards.” 

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