DOCTOR BABOR Relaunches; Unveils New Formulas and Packaging

German skincare brand BABOR has relaunched its DOCTOR BABOR line, showcasing a portfolio of revised products.

The global relaunch impacts seven DOCTOR BABOR product lines, some of which have been renamed. Australia is set to be one of the first markets to receive the full range. 

All DOCTOR BABOR lines are bolstered by the brand’s trademarked BIOGEN Plant Extract: a combination of eight unique plant extracts that have been used in BABOR formulations since the brand’s inception.

New DOCTOR BABOR Hydration Ampoules

New DOCTOR BABOR lines include:

  • REGENERATION, formally REPAIR. Contains BIOGEN, fermented plants, plant-based proteins, and niacinamide.
  • HYDRATION, formally HYDRO. Contains hyaluronic acids, polyglutamic acid, hy-3 peptide, and aquaxyl.
  • RESURFACE, formally REFINE. Contains vitamin C, retinol, niacinamide, AHA, BHA, astazanthin, and tranexamic acid.
  • SENSITIVE, formally NEURO SENSITIVE. Contains neuroxyl, microsilver, extract of castanea sativa, and gamma linolenic acid.
  • CLARIFYING, formally PURITY. Contains salicylic acid, sulfur, succinic acid, azelaic acid, PHA, and lactic acid.
  • LIFTING. Contains ‘vegan collagen’, peptides, copper petides, and amino acids.

The full range is both clean and vegan, considered a rarity in the luxury cosmetics market. Products are housed in semi-matte silver jars and semi-transparent bottles that, according to the brand, are 100 per cent recyclable. Paper and plastic is reduced via the production of smaller product boxes for jars, and the removal of foiling over product boxes. The brand has also decreased the number of its packaging formats in order to improve its ecological footprint overall.

Falling under the REGENERATION range, The Cure Cream is set to hero. The product combines the BIOGEN plant extract with hyperfermented plant, hydrolysed lupine protein, and panthenol. It serves to strengthen the skin barrier, increase moisture, retain collagen, and treat inflammation.

New DOCTOR BABOR The Cure Cream

At present, DOCTOR BABOR is the top selling treatment line in professional salons and clinics, and makes up 40 per cent of all sales (across retail and professional). The brand’s current LIFTING range is its most popular.

The relaunch falls in line with a 2024 facelift of the iconic BABOR logo, which can be seen across the brand’s international marketing materials.

BABOR is set to celebrate its 70-year anniversary in 2026.

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