triLift Has Arrived. Learn How the Device Is Strengthening Facial Muscles

With an array of new skincare devices hitting the Australilan market Anita Quade chats to Lumenis Clinical Trainer Jessica Sluga about the newly launched triLift treatment which targets muscle stimulation.

What is triLift?

Tell us about the triLift treatments and what clients can expect.

“triLift is the first device on the market in a new category of facial muscle stimulation, it is designed to treat the first component of the ageing process, the muscles! We specifically focus on the muscles of the mid face, those that are not addressed by other devices and treatments. Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMSt), is an effective way to improve the tone and strength of those facial muscles that weaken dramatically with ageing, giving a beautiful lift! triLift is a multi-modal device, so not only can we achieve muscle stimulation, but we are also able to deliver Radio Frequency for skin tightening, and Radio Frequency Microneedling for resurfacing and plumping of the epidermis.”

What makes this treatment so effective for clients?

“triLift is effective as we are treating so many layers of the face, targeting all components of ageing process! By strengthening and lifting the muscle (DMSt), tightening the overlying skin (RF) and resurfacing the epidermis (RF Microneedling), we can achieve a beautifully lifted and rejuvenated result. Most devices on the market only focus on one element of the ageing process, so they may help with the tone or texture of the skin, but it won’t address any deeper concerns. triLift is designed to achieve a natural but noticeable lift in a non- invasive way.”

Lumenis Clinical Trainer Jessica Sluga

A multi-model device

There are three elements to this treatment – how do they work in combination together?

“We love to use DMSt and RF together in what we call “lift mode”, particularly on the mid face. This enables us to achieve both muscle and skin tightening results at the same time. When clients are having this part of the treatment, they will feel the warmth of the RF, and the contractions within the mid face muscles at the same time. We can also separate these technologies to allow us to use them on areas where we may not want any muscle stimulation, like the neck or forehead, so we can achieve skin tightening without stimulating underlying muscles. The RF microneedling is a fabulous way to finish off a triLift treatment, we use this on the whole face for resurfacing benefits smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing pores and providing extra skin tightening benefits. The RF microneedling can also be used alone, say for a younger patient with acne scarring or on a surgical scar. Our protocols suggest to combine all three modalities for best results, but it’s great to be able to use them separately for other concerns.”

What to expect

As a clinical trainer and also therapist what results have you seen on clients?

“Results we typically see are a lifting and contouring of the mid face area, where we see the most heaviness through the ageing process. This can result in a reduction of heavy nasolabial folds, marionette lines and jowling. We also see a really natural lift through the cheek and brow area, and the RF microneedling is great at smoothing the surface of the skin, reducing texture, pigmentation and giving an over-all glow.”

How often do clients have to repeat the procedure?

“We suggest clients have between four to six treatments, these can be performed with one to two week intervals in between, depending on the concerns of the client. We suggest that the muscle stimulation and skin tightening is performed at every treatment, but the RF Microneedling is only added at every second treatment.”

Does Lumenis’ triLift technology offer a good return on investment for those salons wishing to invest in the technology?

“Because triLift is a multi-modal technology, it can be used as per our current protocol, or each modality can be used in isolation or as part of other aesthetic treatment plans offered in clinic. Many of our Australian triLift practitioners love offering add on’s like RF on the neck, stomach, thighs etc, or RF needling on stretch marks, scarring etc. It means they can treat more than just their ageing-focused clients, and can do so without having multiple devices or expensive consumables.”

triLift training

You travel the state training therapists as part of your role at Lumenis – tell us some key areas that you focus on.

“For triLift training, we are focusing on facial anatomy as much as possible. Knowing which facial muscles we want to target to achieve an elevating effect is crucial to ensure we are achieving the best results possible! When this is understood, great techniques can follow. We also cover extra advanced techniques that can be used to supercharge results, this helps therapists achieve that wow-factor for their clients.”

triLift by Lumenis

How important is it for therapists to keep up to date with training?

“Constant education and training are crucial in this industry. There are always new developments, new protocols, new techniques and information that we can utilise to give clients the best results possible. For new therapists, consistent training is key to building good habits and success in the industry, but I also put equal importance in the frequent training of experienced therapists, to ensure techniques and knowledge don’t get forgotten. Its also great for therapists to be involved in training sessions, as they always learn something new with each interaction.”

About the trainer

What is your all-time favourite treatment?

“Like everyone at Lumenis, I love triLift! I am especially fond of the RF microneedling component, as there is no need for numbing due to it being so quick and comfortable! triLift treatments have been a great way to target my ageing concerns, and I love the balance of lift and resurfacing I get from the treatments.”

Tell us a bit about your background – what inspired you to become a therapist/educator?

“Like many in the industry, I had my own skin concerns that I had an interest in reducing, particularly acne at the time. Once I began the deep dive into how acne arises and how I could treat it, I realised I had a huge interest in the aesthetic industry, and was really excited to be able to learn how to help clients in the same way I had helped myself. As I have aged, my concerns changed, and I love how the industry has always adapted quickly, bringing in new technologies, ingredients and techniques to target so many concerns. I had always been led by really great clinical trainers, so eventually I made my way over to that side of the industry. Clinical education has been a great way for me to help even more people, as I am educating the therapists, nurses and Doctors who are changing lives with our technologies.”

Upcoming for Lumenis

Can you share with us any other device launches that Lumenis may have coming up?

“UltraPulse Alpha is one of our more recent developments, and as the company who pioneered fractionated C02 treatments, this is very exciting to us! It is a new version of our most powerful C02, predominantly used for resurfacing, coagulating and ablating tissue, but is also used heavily in burns wards across ANZ. In relation to other technology coming.. watch this space!”

This article originally appeared in the Autumn 2024 print issue of Professional Beauty.

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