DECIEM, the umbrella brand of lines including The Ordinary, NIOD and The Chemistry Brand, has vowed to use November to not only educate clients, but to encourage them to spend consciously.

“This year, we will be running month long educational content & online experiences under the campaign name, KNOWVEMBER. A mindful month of education, research, reflection, and consideration,” said a representative of the brand.

An online event calendar is available here, and includes in-depth sessions on:

• X5 ‘Skintellectual Series’ papers 

• The Ordinary Regimen Guide

• DECIEM team routines 

• Nicola Kilner (CEO & Co-Founder)’s At-Home Regimen 

• Ingredient Masterclasses 

  • Live Q&As with Chief Scientific Officer, Prudvi Kaka and the lab team 

As an extension of DECIEM’s dedication to educating the client on all purchases, they are hoping that a month-long discount of 23 per cent will rid the client of the need to purchase a product on a whim during a flash sale.

“We feel strongly that flash sales can often lead to rushed decisions, driven by the fear of a sell-out. Skincare purchases should be based on education over impulse. Discounting offers room for DECIEM’s customers to explore products and brands that they may not have previously purchased, but not in a way that encourages them to purchase something they don’t need. As you know, DECIEM very rarely discounts. For KNOWVEMBER, discounting is about giving back to our consumers who support us all year round, and offering a saving is a marker of gratitude,” said the representative.

And to show that they’re serious about avoiding panicked and impulse buying, DECIEM is closing down their store and website on November 27, the day traditionally known as Black Friday, on which stores tend to offer discounted prices for 24 hours only.

“Black Friday was a cultural phenomenon known for encouraging impulse purchasing and hyper-consumption,” said the representative. “It no longer feels like an earth or consumer friendly event and therefore our values did not align. On 27th November, we will be pressing pause. Our stores and website will be closed once again for a moment of nothingness. Bye-bye Black Friday. Hello KNOWVEMBER. By simply doing the right thing, we hope to create a long-lasting impact, not just at DECIEM but amongst the industry – we can all do better, and we want to continue to raise awareness around responsible consumption.”

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