How to Choose the Right Listening Experience for Your Beauty Business

The way we listen, and what we listen to, are integral considerations in the make up of any beauty business. Sound can impact our mood, pace and work efficiency.

You may not be aware, but streaming music and other sounds at your licensed beauty business may be fraught with legal implications. Playing music through your salon speakers via streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and so on (instead of being used solely for personal use) can actually lead you and your business into hot water. Salon owners and managers therefore ought to be aware of such services’ Terms and Conditions, and instead consider other means through which to feature music and other sounds within the business.

There are a few ways a salon owner or manager can go about this to ensure their clients and staff can continue to enjoy an enhanced and relaxing salon environment. Such methods include playing and alternating CDs, playing unlicensed music that therefore carry with it no legal implications, or signing up to a tailored subscription.

Jocelyn Derecourt and Merrilyn Davey are the founders of Australian streaming service, Tranquilosphere. The business offers customised guided meditations suitable for use by clients and salon staff alike. To Jocelyn, providing the listening experience for the salon, spa and wellness space is about creating “a transformative experience that heals the soul; a journey that goes to the heart of what true beauty and wellness means,” the business’ website states.

Professional Beauty caught up with Jocelyn and Merrilyn to better understand how Tranquilosphere products work, and why their so beneficial to both the client and salon staff: 

What is Tranquilosphere and what does your business offer to salon staff and their clients?

“We’re a mother-daughter duo with extensive experience in the professional beauty industry and a profound connection to meditation.

Tranquilosphere is our answer to blending beauty and mindfulness to rejuvenate the skin and soul. Our recordings are more than just treatments; they’re an experience.

Our ‘industry first’ mindfulness meditation online subscription is exclusive to the professional beauty industry. We have specific categories best suited to your business, such as LED specific sessions, Sauna specific sessions, Pre-Facial and Pre-Massage sessions, and General (short and long) sessions which do not mention anything specific. These can there be utilised as you see fit, such as during a facial mask, a pedicure, an IV drip, teeth whitening, or even while enjoying a massage chair – the options are endless. We also offer our beautiful Calm Therapist range to relax a tired and mentally weary therapist.” 

Do any/all of your subscription packages include general music that can be played throughout the salon?

“Our music license allows us to create recordings with a minimum of one-third of each track covered by spoken word. So yes, each recording includes periods of beautiful meditation music, but soundscapes matter.

The choice of sound setup can make or break a meditative experience. Whether it’s the enveloping hug of headphones or the communal embrace of a speaker, the right sound amplifies the meditation’s impact. 

Here’s what we recommend: 

  • For Pre-Treatment Mindfulness, we suggest a speaker.
  • For treatments on the bed, headphones cocoon your clients in peace.
  • Got an infrared sauna? The in-built Bluetooth system is your best bet. 

By using headphones, the listening experience is enhanced without any outside distractions and where possible this is always our preferred method. We recommend that therapists use a timer to ensure they re-enter the room at the suggested time. Remember, some clients will be very deeply relaxed and so re-entering the room too early may cause them to get a fright which is obviously not a desired outcome. 

Our recordings are available for public broadcast at any commercial venue including day spas, gymnasiums, yoga studios, dental and physiotherapy practices.”

“The choice of sound setup can make or break a meditative experience. Whether it’s the enveloping hug of headphones or the communal embrace of a speaker, the right sound amplifies the meditation’s impact.” 

In what ways is the client experience enhanced by listening directly to a tailored listening session (whether music or a guided meditation), as opposed to listening to general background music in-salon?

“Imagine a treatment that:

  • Achieves unparalleled relaxation
  • Boosts the efficacy of products and treatments thanks to a calmer nervous system
  • Strengthens trust, creating memorable experiences and client loyalty
  • Seamlessly alleviates tension within the mind, body, and spirit. 

By integrating meditation, these aren’t just possibilities; they’re promises.

Mindful breathwork is incorporated into EVERY session and sets the scene for deep relaxation that cannot be achieved by background music alone. After a guided visualisation, we conclude with positive affirmations that work subliminally to leave guests with a happy and positive mindset. With our affordable monthly subscriptions, you can seamlessly incorporate meditation into your treatments and redefine what it means to nurture your clients.” 

Tranquiolosphere’s Jocelyn and Merrilyn

You’ve created a specialised Calm Therapist subscription. What do these sessions look like, and what time commitment is required of the therapist to complete a session?

“Your team’s wellbeing directly translates to your client experience. At Tranquilosphere, we believe that the last few years, more than ever before, have shown the importance of prioritising the wellness of those representing your salon, spa, or clinic – your team. This is where our Calm Therapist meditations come in.

Designed exclusively for treatment providers, Calm Therapist Meditations connect your team to the power of mindfulness, so their passion and peace radiate onto every client they touch. They are short, uplifting five-minute sessions guaranteed to leave you and your team feeling instantly lighter and happier.

Integrate our Calm Therapist meditations into:

  • Morning meetings
  • Lunch breaks
  • Team development sessions
  • Post-day resets.”

 How regularly is content updated across each channel?

“We add new recordings to the website every two to three months. There are 10+ recordings to choose from in our most popular categories and this library will continue building and evolving. We have some exciting video tutorials coming in 2024 with a fully choreographed Mindfulness Experience in the works. 

The benefit of combining spa and skin therapies with meditation is a game changer for any reputable business seeking the best possible results for their guests.”

To learn more on Tranquilosphere, contact Jocelyn Derecourt on 0414977757 or

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