21 Faces Every Beauty Therapist Will Recognise

What is it about being a beauty therapist that ages you fifty years and makes people want to tell you their life stories while unleashing all of their bratty children on you?

If you know what we’re talking about, here’s 21 faces you’re bound to recognise…

1. The “How much is this product with the big price sticker on it?” face

2. The “I hope you don’t mind, I brought all my evil spawn along and I’m going to let them tear your salon apart” face

3. The “I’m buying a lot of skincare products, so you should give me a discount” face

4. The “I left my credit card in the car” face

5. The “I’d like to book a facial. I’ve had the toughest day. First I found a weird rash on my body, then my dog died, then…” face

6. The “Oh you’re almost finished painting my nails? Did I say pink? I meant lime green” face

7. The “When was the last time you had a Saturday off?” face

8. The “I want to speak to someone more experienced” face

9. The “I messed up the display you just made” face

10. The “I forgot to shower before I came for my massage. That’s cool, right?” face

11. The “It’s such a beautiful day outside, must suck for you being stuck in here!” face

12. The “No, I’M the customer and I say the cash register is wrong. This limited edition La Mer cream is only $5!” face

13. The “I’m a very important person and I need to talk on my phone while you serve me” face

14. The “Oh, I didn’t notice you were closing up. I need 10 products, a gift voucher and a $200 refund” face

15. The “I hold you personally responsible for the fact your salon closes on Sundays!” face

16. The “I got a little overexcited during your massage” face

17. The “Can I pay $5 on my credit card, $20 on my eftpos card and $13 in cash?” face

18. The “Sure, I’ll cover your shift next Friday” face

19. The “Do I need to take my shirt off for a chest wax?” face

20. The “Your break is over” face


21. The “I’ve been working in beauty therapy for six months” face


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