The newest tech trend sweeping the salon industry is in-motion technology. Here Karpati director, David Hammer explains what it’s all about.

If you own a salon and haven’t already heard of the latest trend in hair removal, in-motion technology, you need to upschool yourself, stat. Luckily, Professional Beauty had just the expert on hand to do it for us. Hair removal device brand Karpati director David Hammer answers our most pressing questions about IPL in-motion technology…

Why do you think IPL is overtaking traditional waxing when it comes to hair removal? 

“I am now seeing devices such as in-motion, eliminate pain and substantially reduce cost to the clinic, and as such reduce to the customer.”

What training do beauty therapists need to get to use IPL in-motion technology? 

“The training, which is usually one day, is covered by the manufacturer or importer and is extensive and covers all parameters from safety to skin application and types as well as machine usage.”

What are the advantages of IPL in-motion over laser hair removal? 

“Substantial clinical documentation exists on the web, but in short, the prime difference is safety. Trials show identical results in the trained operator. Given prices of IPL it is also usually more economic to the clinic and hence to the customer

 Why should salons look at getting an IPL in-motion device? 

“Given the economic difference of motion technology the future suggests that technology is delivering the next stage in depilation that is virtually electronic wax pots, hence now available to the clinic are devices faster than waxing, that are painless with the ability to remove white hair and be used on all skin types.”

Why did you decide to launch your own in-motion device?

“We saw the explosion of motion technology in Europe just 12 months ago, and it became clear this was the next level of depilation. We were fortunate to purchase technology from Germany, who had already delivered over three thousand devices to the market. We built our own case and applied for and were granted European CE Medical. The net result was a technology that delivers the future in depilation and skin rejuvenation.”

What is the cost to a salon?

“Total cost to clinics is the lowest of all quality devices; less than $12 per day with rental agreements.”