With the launch of The Australasian Academy of Corneotherapy in the horizon, Simone Vescio reveals her plans as an educator.

What does it mean to you to be an educator?
Being in the position to shape, inform and impact the lives of the therapists is actually a privilege, but a privilege I have most certainly earned and worked for over the last 20 years. The responsibility of my role is enormous and one I don’t take for granted. I am continually updating my knowledge base in conferences, seminars, webinars and having time with doctors, dermatologists and other educators globally to ensure what I bring to class is current and relevant to support clinics better understand skin structure, function and also the chemistry they are working with every day.

What is the biggest challenge when it comes to education?
We are truly blessed as all our partners highly value their education and make it a priority in their yearly planning for their clinics and their staff. They also highly value the time that their Business Development Managers provide each month. When we are looking to partner with a new clinic, we always ask them about how they value education. If this is not a top priority of a potential clinic we generally know that they will not be the right fit for the dermaviduals family.


Simone Vescio believes education is imperative to staying ahead.


How do you as an educator keep ahead of the game and up with the latest trends?
Firstly, I don’t get wrapped up in all the noise that the industry seems to generate, allowing me to focus on what will add value to our partners and their teams. Fads, trends, quick-fixes and hype is not what we base our educational platforms on. Proven science, chemistry, anatomy and physiology of the skin forms the basis of all we teach. There is truly no room for the other noise. Continually attending global conferences and being connected enables me to have constant dialogue with the world’s leading chemists, doctors, dermatologists and global educators such that I am at the forefront of knowledge to bring to my teachings.

How important is it for members of the beauty industry to stay updated and further their education?
It is actually NOT important, rather it is IMPERATIVE that clinics and their staff stay updated and continue to further their knowledge. I also ask and encourage that students each undertake their own research to wade through the craziness, that at times, our industry delivers; the fads, hype and inaccurate information can be so confusing for students. I encourage my students to continually & respectfully challenge myself, my trainers and also other educators that come before them during their careers. This way they can make informed decisions for their clients’ skins and future proof their business.  Knowledge is power and my aim while I am able, is to continually further my knowledge base to give to others.


Passionate about education
Simone dove in the industry at the “late” age of 36, founding two successful aesthetic practices in Sydney and Albury. She undertook numerous national & global aesthetics post- graduate courses to up-skill and bring the latest knowledge to her team, clinics and clients. And so her love for education was born! 

A life-changing legacy
Simone’s goal is to create a legacy that changes lives (and not just skin) via education, as her mentor, Florence Barrett-Hill did for her. Simone was recently appointed to The International Association for Applied Corneotherapy’s Board of Education. This sees her working alongside incredible doctors and educators from all corners of the globe to create and deliver advanced education. 

Introducing the AAC
2020 is the official launch of the Australasian Academy of Corneotherapy, after four years of development. The AAC will provide non product aligned extension education classes to therapists in Australia & New Zealand. These comprehensive workshops will cover advanced and complex subjects that skin therapists face day-to-day in clinic. 


Simone Vescio is the Head of Education at derma aesthetics. Visit www.dermaviduals.com.au

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