It’s a big week for our industry. For salon owners, the wheels are starting to turn again on our business, while staff are getting ready to get back in the salon and face-to-face with their clients. And while they may be super-keen to get back into the swing of the day-to-day, re-engaging after almost three months of being at home can be tough.

Here’s how to ensure your staff are ready to hit the ground running the moment you flip over that “open” sign.

Prepare staff for new policies
If you have a staff manual, have it updated and ready to go. Update new cleaning processes and policies in client interaction.

“You may have previously had a strict cancellation policy, but now you need to encourage customers to stay home if they’re sick,” says business expert, Teagan Robinson. “Ensure that your front-desk staff communicate this to customers.”

You may have created a pretty thorough safety check-list for your salon, but unless your staff knows about it and how to implement it, it’s not going to be as effective as it should be.

“Let your staff know the reasoning behind changes and provide any necessary training. Give your staff positive language they can use if customers don’t comply with the guidelines. For example, if you’ve decided that all customers need to wear masks, train your staff in a positive way to react, so that your entire team responds in a uniform manner, reducing fear and frustration,” says Teagan.

Tackle the tough questions
Your customers are likely going to be feeling a little nervous about being out and about. They are going to want to know the measures you and your staff are taking to ensure their safety, and your team needs to know how to respond. “Create a list of frequently asked questions and help them to prepare the answers. The most important answers to have a handle on are about the way in which the salon has been deep cleaned, how tools and spaces are being sanitised between clients, and other ways that risks are being minimised,” says Teagan.

Provide PPE
Yes, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of your customers, but it is equally important to look after the safety of your staff. Providing them with the appropriate protective gear will not only show clients that you’re serious about protection, it will also help to assure your staff that it is safe for them to be at work.

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