SLA Paris launches 4-in-1 ‘On Fleek’ complexion palette

Achieve a perfect, flawless complexion with just one single makeup product – the On Fleek Complexion Palette from SLA Paris. Extremely compact and practical, this palette will become your go-to to achieve a fresh and luminous complexion in just a few simple steps.  

The palette is comprised of four powders to achieve four different makeup techniques; the white Fix Up powder for baking, a Rose Gold Illuminator for strobing, a Rose Terracotta Blush for draping and a Deep Brown for contouring. The extremely micronised textures of these four powders allows you to modify the intensity of your application and perfect your end makeup look.  All SLA Paris powders are manufactured using a unique air-milling process that makes our powders ten times finer than those made using conventional methods.  This creates less irritations and therefore is perfect for sensitive skins.

The On Fleek Complexion Palette helps create four different techniques


The On Fleek Complexion Palette also comes with a handy ‘How To’ guide to take you through how to achieve the baking, strobing, draping and contouring techniques! All the latest Pro Makeup Artists tips are shared in this simple step-by-step guide.

Designed in the SLA Paris laboratory and created in the SLA Paris manufacturing facility in the South of France, this palette is Cruelty free, Paraben free, PEG free and Phenoxyethanol free.

Complementary Products
Unify your complexion with the radiant SLA Paris BB Glow (a BB Cream with strong pigment available in two shades) which perfectly evens out the complexion whilst protecting the skin from the sun with its SPF20. It is the perfect combination of skin care and make up!

Illuminate your complexion with the 4 SLA Paris Touch of Glow Luminisers. Choose your perfect glow according to your complexion and desired makeup look.  Available in Champagne Glow, Fairy Glow, Treasure Glow and Marvellous Glow.

What Makes SLA Paris Unique?
SLA Paris is designed and manufactured by the “Professor” of makeup artistry Serge Louis Alvarez. Serge Louis Alvarez has had an incredible career in the Professional Makeup industry, including being the Director of the Paris Opera and Director of the Paris Theatre, and worked with famous Fashion Designers such Paco Rabanne. He designed his first products in 1984 and opened his public company SLA Creation in 1992.

SLA Paris is formulated and manufactured in the SLA Paris laboratory and facility in Valence in the South of France.  Each and every one of the products are innovative and unique!  The manufacturing facility in Valence (South France) is 3000m2 and includes its own laboratory where the formulas are developed. The brand is extremely proud of its policy against animal testing, and all products are paraben free, phenoxyethanol free and in some cases are also comprised of organic ingredients.

Ever-concerned with the environment, SLA Paris has incorporated refillable packaging where possible across the range (eye shadows and powders initially) creating less plastic landfill and also better, economically speaking, for the consumer.

In 2013 SLA Paris was awarded with the Prix H.Pierantoni de L’Innovation (Innovation Award) for the exclusive Micronisation System that they created. SLA Paris powders are now 10 times finer than any other powder manufactured by conventional methods. In 2014 SLA Paris was awarded with the Prix H.Pierantoni de L’Innovation (Innovation Award) again for developing a QR Code system per product (with application and training information) that was found inside every packaged product.


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