The Profound Matrix™ Reaching New Dimensions

The Profound Matrix™ system is designed to resurface the skin and treat wrinkles, all while creating volume and strengthening skin structure. But did you also know that the Profound Matrix is the only device on the market that offers multiple depths AND multiple energy settings in one pass?1 By using ultra-thin needles for smoother insertion, increased patient comfort, and minimal downtime.*1

By leveraging 3 modalities in a single device and working at up to 3 depths with a single insertion, this multi-application system is radiofrequency, and intelligently redefined. The three applicators include:

Sublime™ | Maintain skin health with Infrared Light + Bipolar RF

Designed to heat skin layers with a combination of infrared (IR) light and bipolar RF energies targeting the superficial and deep dermis to treat wrinkles for a smoother skin appearance2,3,4

 Sublative™ | Correct skin health with Fractional Bipolar RF

Delivers bipolar RF energy to the skin in a non-invasive, fractional manner, via an

array of multi-electrode pins that stimulate fibroblast proliferation resulting in dermal remodelling.2,3 Stimulates new collagen growth and resurfaces for smoother skin and the reduction of facial wrinkles.

Matrix Pro™ | Restore skin health with Fractionated short-pulse RF Microneedling

Delivers short-pulse RF energy to the skin in a fractional manner, with three distinct user-controlled depth and energy settings in a single insertion. Ultra-thin microneedles that create precise and fractionated zones of thermal injury, the applicator stimulates the wound healing response and activates fibroblast proliferation.4 New collagen creation3,4 as well as a marked improvement in overall skin appearance and texture.4,5

Learn more about the Profound Matrix by downloading the product brochure or reading the technical bulletin


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