I Tried… RF Microneeding Using the Candela Matrix™ and This Is What I Thought

Professional Beauty’s Online Editor Hannah Gay undertakes RF microneedling for the first time, trusting in Candela to deliver her the skin rejuvenation she’s been after.

Needling is the service on every beauty and aesthetic professional’s mind right now. And when performed in conjunction with radiofrequency (RF), clients are reporting superb results.

Alongside this boom in interest has been an influx in technologies promising to deliver second-to-none skin rejuvenation for clients in-clinic.

Microneedling is a treatment that’s been on my mind for a number of years. As a device novice, I’ve typically opted for a topical-only approach when it comes to in-clinic treatments. Bothersome acne scars presenting on my cheeks had come to play on my mind. These, in combination with freshly sprouting crows feet and nasolabial folds made microneedling all the more attractive. Afterall, what I was looking for was a skin journey, as opposed to a quick-fix solution often granted with more invasive treatments.

At a recent Candela information session, the esteemed device supplier ran through the functionality of its latest, highly-anticipated Matrix™ system – a cutting-edge, three-in-one dimensional RF platform said to revolutionise how we approach skin rejuvenation.

The device utilises multiple RF modalities to maintain, correct and restore the skin: Sublime™, Sublative™, and Matrix Pro™. The technology is capable of heating the epidermal, dermal and subdermal tissue, as well as providing constant impedance feedback. This provides practitioners the confidence to operate the device and achieve the best result for the client based on the unique composition of their skin.

You can read more on the Sublime™, Sublative™, and Matrix Pro™ modalities in PB’s latest cover story here.

In the interest of trialing the technology myself, I met with Candela Clinical Educator and RN Marguerite Burke at Candela’s Sydney Training and Education Centre, who diligently guided me through the treatment process. Marguerite informed me that Candela’s Matrix™ utilised “the finest, thinnest gauge that is available at the moment” to ensure any unintended trauma to the skin is avoided.

Images were taken of my bare skin before a numbing gel was applied and left on my face for 60 minutes. Once the gel was removed and the skin sanitised, treatment could commence. While I wasn’t certain of how the treatment would feel, I was pleasantly surprised by how well I tolerated the needles. 

As is typical of the Matrix™, I experienced very little pinpoint bleeding. This is due to a few factors: Candela utilises a slow and gentle launch speed thanks to its ultra-thin needles. Matrix™ can also treat three skin depths in a single insertion, where other systems tend to insert needles separately. The use of surgical grade stainless steel is also a factor, where competitors often opt for gold or gold-plating synonymous with skin irritations and allergies. Ultimately, these factors result in less swelling, bruising and pinpoint bleeding for treatment-goers.

[left to right] Before treatment, immediately after one session sporting a healthy flush of colour

Marguerite conducted a single pass only per treatment area, working with the technology to adjust penetration depth with each area. The sensation was so quick to come-and-go, I compared it to the feeling of having facial waxing performed, feeling little more than the flick of a rubber band. 

Matrix™ cartridges are capable of penetration levels varying from 0.8 to 3.5 mm. Energy levels also vary from 0.5 to 4 J. Each treated section revealed a healthy erythema, omitting heat and causing a tolerable level of discomfort for around five to ten minutes. Candela needles are insulated, with only the tip releasing energy. Where competitor devices lack this, energy is released inconsistently throughout the length of the needle, causing oedema.

My treatment lasted for around 45 minutes, with Marguerite allocating time to focus on my main areas of concern and avoiding those I opted to avoid (namely my forehead). Within two hours post-treatment, my skin presented with little more than a light flush. I felt a slight warmth to the epidermis, but in no way did I experience any pain or discomfort. All traces of the numbing solution had also worn off.

Despite undergoing needling, my pores appeared tightened. Subsidiary swelling created a ‘fluffy’ bounce to the skin. In the 24-48 hours post-treatment, I noticed some minor flaking along my treated areas and a slight roughness to the skin, particularly on my neck where Marguerite used the deepest penetration settings.

Three days post-treatment, and I was flawed by how little downtime my skin had encountered overall. The next day following treatment, I confidently applied foundation over my SPF50 – observing how well it sat throughout the course of my day. One week on, and my face appears lifted and sculpted, particularly under the chin where excess skin had sat. Purple acne scars grouped under each cheekbone have also faded. Even stronger results will be visible after one month.

[left to right] 48 hours post-treatment wearing tinted SPF 50+, one week post-treatment wearing moisturiser only

For Candela provider Nurse Jodie Fisher, the Matrix™ provides “game-changing” results for patients. The system, that Jodie notes to be portable, compact and straightforward to operate, has made for an ideal long-term investment for her business. “In just two months, we generated $40,000 from RF microneedling treatments alone,” Jodie said. “Patients have reported refined pores, improved or even eliminated wrinkles, and a lift in cheeks and eye areas after consecutive Matrix™ treatments”.

After experiencing the treatment for myself and noticing immediate improvements in my skin, I see how devices like the Candela Matrix™ mark a turning point in the way professionals achieve rejuvenated skin for clients.

To learn more, visit www.candelamedical.com/au or call 1300 226 335.

This article was produced in partnership with Candela.

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