Cover Story: Candela’s Revolution in Radiofrequency Microneedling

In recent years, the world of aesthetics has witnessed a remarkable advancement in skin rejuvenation technology. Candela, pioneers in aesthetics innovation, has launched the Profound Matrix™, a cutting- edge, multi-application radiofrequency system set to revolutionise how we approach skin rejuvenation.

With its state-of-the-art Dimensional RF™ technology, the Profound Matrix™ has arrived in Australia and New Zealand, offering a comprehensive solution to maintain, correct and restore skin at every stage of the ageing journey. Anita Quade chats to Cosmetic Physician Dr Mary Dingley and Cosmetic Registered Nurse Jodie Fisher.

The Ultimate Skin Rejuvenation Experience The strength of this extraordinary system lies in its latest radiofrequency (RF) microneedling evolution – the groundbreaking, short-pulse Matrix Pro™ microneedling applicator. This technological wonder is no ordinary tool – it initiates tissue regeneration and remodelling processes that lead to skin tightening and overall improved skin appearance.1,2 It resurfaces the skin, treats wrinkles3, adds volume, and fortifies the skin structure.

Enter the Matrix

What truly sets the Profound Matrix™ apart is its unique ability to offer multiple depths and energy settings in a single pass, thanks to the utilisation of ultra-thin needles. This innovative approach ensures smoother insertion and increased patient comfort while minimising downtime3 – The perfect choice for those seeking effective treatments without lengthy recovery periods*.

Cosmetic Physician Dr Mary Dingley applauds the Profound Matrix™ for its versatility, stating;

“The Profound Matrix is more than just one device; the exciting new addition is the RF needling feature, which utilises ultra-fine needles to penetrate the skin and deliver RF energy precisely at up to three different depths within the tissue. This ingenious feature allows us to tailor treatments, giving patients a more comfortable and effective experience, without having to go over areas multiple times, thus minimising any discomfort.”

The Power of Three

Embodying the spirit of versatility, the Profound Matrix™ presents three formidable anti-ageing modalities – the Sublime™, Sublative™ RF, and Matrix Pro™ applicators. Each applicator is thoughtfully designed to target specific skin layers, delivering personalised treatments with optimal outcomes for healthcare clinicians and patients.

The Matrix Pro™ Applicator

  • Restores skin health with fractionated short-pulse RF – This applicator is the centre-piece of the Profound Matrix™ system. With three distinct user-controlled depth and energy settings in a single insertion, the applicator’s ultra-thin microneedles create precise and fractionated zones of thermal injury. This process stimulates the wound healing response and activates fibroblast proliferation, creating new collagen and a remarkable improvement in overall skin appearance and texture.6,7

With glowing reviews from both patients and professionals, the Profound Matrix™ is making waves in the world of aesthetics. Clients are praising the minimal downtime for microneedling and expressing their satisfaction with the tightening and refined skin achieved through this revolutionary treatment.

The Sublative™ Applicator

  • Corrects skin health by harnessing fractional bipolar RF energy in a non-invasive manner, stimulating fibroblast proliferation and resulting in dermal remodelling.4,5
  • This innovative approach stimulates new collagen growth, leading to smoother skin and a reduction in facial wrinkles.
  • Sublative RF applicators are also intended for ablation and resurfacing of the skin including pore size and superficial pigmentation reduction and textural improvements, striae and treatment of acne scars.
  • The Thermal Biological Effects of Sublative RF:

▸ Ablation (Evaporation) ~80 -100°C, when the pin tips are in direct contact with the skin, the very high heat at the contact point causes ablation of the epidermis at that contact point

▸ Coagulation (Necrosis) ~50 – 80°C – the lower temperature in the dermis, below and around the ablation zone, causes the destruction of chemical bonds, protein denaturation and metabolic effects resulting in skin tightening.

▸ Heating (Stimulation) ~40 – 50°C – below and around the coagulation zone the dermis is heated to a lower point where the heat stimulates collagenases without tissue destruction.

The Sublime™ Applicator

  • Helps to maintain skin health using infrared light and bipolar RF, targeting both superficial and deep dermis layers with precision
  • With water and blood vessels being all over the dermis, they are heated up by IR and RF and conduct heat to the collagen fibres.4.5, 6
  • In order for it to be homogeneous, the heating should be spread all over rather than focused
  • It is also effective in wrinkle treatment based on collagen shrinkage and denaturation all over the dermis – both superficial and deep.

“The Profound Matrix is more than just one device; the exciting new addition is the RF needling feature, which utilises ultra-fine needles to penetrate the skin and deliver RF energy precisely at up to three different depths within the tissue.”

Plus, the Ergonomic Handpiece

What makes the Ergonomic Handpiece so useable is its pistol shape, making it easier to use and maneuver around the treatment area, specifically the neck and submental area. In comparison, other non-Candela devices often feature a long cylindrical “wand” shaped handpiece, making it tricky to get certain angles under the chin.

Furthermore, it features a square protruding tip in the centre end of the handpiece where the needles fire out. This allows for great visualisation as you place it onto the skin for subsequent pulses, making the 50-80% overlap easier to gauge.

Science. Results. Trust.

The technical brilliance of the Profound Matrix™ opens up a world of possibilities in skin rejuvenation, offering personalised and comfortable treatments that produce remarkable outcomes time after time. Armed with Depth Intelligence™ – real-time impedance monitoring, empowering users with unparalleled control over the spatial distribution of thermally affected micro-zones within the tissue.

With the ability to treat up to three different cutaneous layers in one microneedle insertion, the Profound Matrix™ reduces treatment time, minimises epidermal disruption, and ensures patient comfort.3

Patient comfort and safety are of paramount importance in every aesthetic procedure. The Matrix Pro™ Applicator takes the lead in this regard, featuring a single-use, disposable cartridge tip with 49 ultra-thin semi-insulated micro-electrode chamfered needles. Engineered with precision, these German-designed microneedles have a diameter of only 0.16 mm (34 gauge), ensuring a gentle launch speed that minimises epidermal trauma and discomfort, ensuring patients have a comfortable experience.

Dr. Mary Dingley states that;

“The actual needles used by the device are the finest currently available, which means that treatment is far more comfortable for patients.”

Real-Time Impedance Measurement

The Matrix Pro stands apart due to its distinctive feature – constant feedback. Unlike non-Candela devices that often don’t incorporate impedance feedback, the Matrix Pro features constant feedback dynamically calculates impedance changes and adjusts pulse duration between 10ms to 100ms to precisely administer the chosen energy output, ensuring accurate delivery.

Impedance stands as the opposition within tissues to the passage of RF energy during delivery. RF denotes a high-frequency alternating current, where voltage divided by current = resistance. This factor can be influenced by variables such as Skin Quality, Skin Moisture, Skin Temperature, microcirculation of blood flow, and the presence of protein fibres that conduct the current.

Hindrances in the path can impede the flow, leading to uneven electron exchange. When temperatures rise and the heat intensifies, resistance to current weakens, subsequently reducing impedance. Comparatively, subcutaneous tissue containing fewer connective fibres encounters less resistance in current flow, thereby resulting in variable impedance.

The duration of each pulse of the Profound Matrix™ is tailored within a range of 10ms to 100ms, contingent on tissue impedance.

Dr Mary Dingley on operating the Profound Matrix;

“We use topical anaesthetic for our patients and remove this, section by section, as the treatment progresses. We set the parameters according to the skin thickness and what we’re trying to achieve – so in thick areas, we can use up to three levels and in thin areas, we may only use one level. It’s quite easy to learn how to select for different areas and establish the parameters you wish to use.”

Patient and Clinic Satisfaction

The Profound Matrix™ enhances the overall patient experience at Dr Mary Dingley’s clinic;

“The initial reaction from patients is that the treatment was far more comfortable than they were expecting, with minimal recovery time. They have all been pleased with their initial results and are looking forward to having more treatments!”

Nurse Jodie Fisher has also witnessed satisfaction from her patients and clinic suitability;

“We adore the sublative RF for our patients. Witnessing everyone achieve a beautiful refinement in the texture of their skin is truly rewarding. Our patients feel and see the difference, and they eagerly commit to the three treatments because the outcomes are remarkable. One of the best features of the Profound Matrix is its sleek and mobile design. It takes up minimal room in our clinic and is incredibly easy to use. Plus, its quiet operation is an added bonus.”

Service and Support

Candela’s commitment to excellence extends beyond state-of-the- art technology, as they provide unwavering support to clinicians using the Profound Matrix™. Through comprehensive training, protocols, and continuous assistance, they ensure a smooth and successful integration of this cutting-edge technology into clinics.

Nurse Jodie was satisfied with the level of Candela’s support when purchasing the Profound Matrix™ stating that;

“Candela’s support is incredible. They’ve sent a trainer to spend the day with us for education on the treatments and the protocols and physically performing the treatments on models. Very thorough and supportive. They are always at the end of the phone if we need help or have questions. We love the support we get from the team.”

The future of skin rejuvenation is here

The Profound Matrix™ has raised the bar for skin rejuvenation, providing an all-encompassing solution for maintaining, correcting, and restoring skin at every stage of ageing. The amalgamation of Dimensional RF™ technology together with the Matrix Pro™ Applicator brings forth a powerful tool that resurfaces, treats wrinkles, adds volume, and fortifies the skin structure, delivering remarkable results that leave patients satisfied and confident.

With three versatile applicators – the Sublime™, Sublative™ RF, and Matrix Pro™ – the Profound Matrix™ caters to individual needs, ensuring personalised and effective treatments. The existence of intact areas between the targeted areas reduces recovery time and mitigates risks.8 Patients and clinicians alike praise the minimal downtime, comfort, and impressive outcomes achieved through this advanced technology.

Candela’s unwavering support and comprehensive training further enhance the experience, enabling clinicians to seamlessly integrate the Profound Matrix™ into their clinics and offer exceptional service to their patients.

Experience the power of Dimensional RFa and join the wave of aesthetic professionals embracing this revolutionary technology for impressive anti-ageing results.

For details contact : 1300 226 335

*Treatment considerations are under the discretion of the qualified licensed healthcare professional. Individual healing times, discomfort, treatment results and satisfaction may vary.

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