There is a huge demand for our at-home treatments. We have seen three times more sales during lockdown than ever before for all of our LED face mask products. We could not keep up with the demand and had to offer them on pre-order. Stock levels have been challenging as the demand is still going strong even with lots of restrictions being lifted. 

There are too many different devices and options used in salons so it would be hard to compare.
Not every salon will have the same machine and functions. It was important for us to have a device that delivers results. We rely on science and research to show what specifications are needed for an LED mask to be effective, and we ensure that our device meets these specifications. 

The most important aspect of the effective LED treatments is in terms of the lights and wavelengths of each colour and irradiance, which is the rate of energy delivered. Then it is necessary to look at the coverage, the session time and the distance from the area treated. This is what we focus on to ensure that our products are as effective as the ideal salon treatment would be.

Demand for LED Light Masks increased dramatically during lockdown.

The salon effect
There are some big advantages we have found over salons. The LED light treatment at-home saves money and time. People appreciate being able to use the devices in their own home.
They’ve loved the convenience of being able to enjoy the LED light therapy at a fraction of the price whenever they like, which means that they will probably get more treatments than in one salon booking. With busy schedules, it can be
hard to fit everything in and salon treatments are still considered a luxury that many of us don’t have time or money to afford. Salons are great but the reality is most of us cannot visit them as often as we would like to.

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