Le Beaute Lounge owner Caddie Robinson shares with Professional Beauty what life is like as a salon owner in the ACT.

Tell us about Le Beaute Lounge?
“Le Beaute Lounge was established in 2009. My goal was to firstly, create an environment offering results based skin revision treatments that were delivered with a relaxing, spa-style touch, and secondly, to have a flexible work environment for my staff so they would enjoy coming to the salon as much as my clients would. We are a small team of only four at the moment. I opened the salon when I was 24 and now have a part-time role in the salon as I have an 18-month-old and almost a new baby. Our newest team member is a trainee who we are all excited to help guide her through her training and into her beauty career. My 2IC has been part of the business for the past two years and our head therapist almost one year. We aim for quality over quantity.”

How do you keep your staff motivated?
“I love to reward my staff when they work hard. We go for team bonding activities like massages or I like to offer product or cash incentives, or something as simple as surprising them with a delivery of flowers as a way to say thank you. Our monthly meetings are a great way to re-group and we have one-on-one catch-ups once a month to ensure everyone is happy.”

Any special features in the salon?
“We expanded three years ago and updated our décor. We have five treatment suites, a men’s room, and a Sunlighten infrared sauna. I designed our mani bar and pedi area so they are one-of-a-kind. The SOTE timber blend bar which we use in the salon to blend the retail range is beautifully crafted and it allows us to create such a fun, theatrical experience for our clients.”

Most popular treatments?
“Our DMK enzyme therapy is our most popular treatment. We love to add on a customised Salt of the Earth (SOTE) hand or foot treatment to add our spa touch while their mask is on. One of my personal favourites is our custom blend Salt Glow + Hydrate. You choose your favourite aromatherapy scent and the therapist blends it with the beautiful mineral salt scrub and cream for the treatment. For the therapist it adds a little fun to their day – you almost feel like you’re mixing cocktails when blending the products.”

Tell us about retail?
“We have a ‘recommend’ policy. Our beautiful selection of products really sell themselves. Our DMK range walks off the shelf because of its results and SOTE is such a unique range, our clients love being able to choose their own scent, blend it up and have their jar refilled once they are finished.”

Tell us about education and training?
“In this industry, you can never think you have learnt it all. I am very excited to find a new training facility here in Canberra offering advanced training in all aspects of skin, business and IPL/laser. We do travel to Sydney often for training or seminars but it’s great to have something local.”

How has technology influenced the salon?

“We try not to get caught up in every new device or piece of equipment out. Our online booking program has been one of the best additions to the salon. Social media is such a great way to interact with our clients. And how amazing is Afterpay?”

Retail brands stocked:
Salt of the Earth
Bestow tea
Elleebana Lash Lift and Brow Henna
Naked Tan
Mine Tan

Top 5 treatments:
DMK Enzyme Therapy
Custom blend SOTE Salt Glow + Hydrate
Dermapen skin needling
SOTE Custom blend mani/ pedis
Laser hair removal

Contact: Le Beaute Lounge, 56/1 Braybrooke Street, Bruce, ACT, 2617, T: 02 6162 1790