Y Natural achieves certified organic status

Y Natural Skincare has announced it has now achieved certified organic status, with certifying body for organic and biodynamic produce, Australian Certified Organic (ACO).

While Y Natural says it has always used certified organic ingredients, the company can now officially label their products with the ACO logo.

According to the ACO website, the body currently certifies about 55 per cent of the Australian organic industry and estimates that their “bud” logo appears on about 70 per cent of all certified organic product in Australia.

Currently seven products in the Y Natural range are officially certified organic with ACO.

The products are: 401 Glow, 402 Clarify, 403 Clear, 503 Balance, 601 Nourish, 702 Definitive Rosemary Leaf Extract, 703 Smooth, Cool & Calm.

The company says it will seek to achieve organic certification for more products in the future.

Co-founder and co-director of Y Natural, Barbara Gare, said:

“We are incredibly excited about getting certification. It is a huge step! This provides independent acknowledgment of the exceptional standards of our products. This means that we are a very special brand: salon quality, Australian Certified Organic luxury!”

Gare said that ACO are very stringent in their standards for organic certification. “We had to show proof on-site and throughout the whole of our supply chain that everything is indeed as we claim. What a tough process! But very worthwhile. Rose Bradshaw, Colleen Marshall and I – Y’s three founders – could not be more proud.”

Pictured, from bottom to top are: Rose Bradshaw, Colleen Marshall, and Barbara Gare, co-founders and directors of Y Natural.

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