Mr. Essentials launches professional men’s range

Men’s skincare brand, Mr. Essentials recently released a professional salon-only range, Mr. Professional, consisting of 31 products.

According to the company, the Mr. Professional range was purposely conceived to complement their retail range of products and provide men with the opportunity to receive specialist treatments in order to achieve more permanent results.

The new range incorporates 14 men’s treatments for the face, body hands and feet, specifically designed for men’s skin requirements.

The products are created, formulated, manufactured and packaged in Sydney, with ingredients naturally derived from Australian indigenous plants.

George Joshua Cupac, Director, Mr Essentials, said: “It was our aim from the start to create a credible men’s brand that incorporated both retail and professional salon products. I think it’s very difficult for any retail skincare brand to gain a lot of support amongst the ‘gatekeepers’ of the skincare industry, that being the therapists; without a comprehensive professional range incorporating effective men’s treatments.”

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