World Expert Medical Specialist in Australia

World expert neurosurgeon, sports physician, longevity specialist and author of The Longevity Factor, Dr Joseph Maroon MD will visit Australia this August to educate Australian health professionals.

To speak at the 6th Annual A5M Conference In Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Maroon will present a range of clinical abstracts spanning brain health, cancer treatments, metabolic disorders and sports medicine.

Dr Maroon is an international specialist in the surgical treatment of injuries and disease of the brain and spine.

As the author of The Longevity Factor, Dr Maroon is an expert in sports medicine, the principles of which laid the foundations for anti-ageing medicine as we know it today, using individually tailored interventions to restore and maintain optimum health.

Dr Maroon engages an integrated approach including personal fitness and endurance, diet and nutrition and inflammation diagnosis and treatment.
Dr Maroon is the acclaimed neurosurgeon to the USA National Football League (NFL) and is highly regarded for his innovative treatments and research in sports medicine and alternative therapies for disease prevention. He is a renowned health and longevity specialist.

Dr Maroon is a senior vice-president of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and is a staunch advocate of preventative medicine. Dr Maroon believes that the principles of sports medicine are the foundation for a healthy and enjoyable life.

“Anti-Ageing Medicine in essence equals Sports Medicine,” Dr Maroon said. “The goals of both Sports and Anti-Ageing medicine are to assist individuals to achieve optimal health and performance for a lifetime. Each group may function slightly differently but both strive to make all people physically and mentally productive in order to ultimately enhance performance, health, and ultimately longevity.

“We cannot continue to 'fix the car after it is broken' and treat diseases only after they occur. New strategies must embrace disease prevention through lifestyle choices such as proper nutrition, dietary supplements, stress reduction, and increased physical activity, rather than playing 'catch-up' for already established conditions. “

Dr Maroon's key topics
• Metabolic treatment of cancer
• Concussion management: an alternative approach to brain recovery and treatment
• Cancer prevention with phytonutrients: reviewing the latest research on resveratrol, omega 3, green tea, curcumin and lycopene.

Pre-conference workshop
The Longevity Factor
Friday 17 August, 2012

Dr Maroon will also present a special pre-conference workshop on longevity medicine. Titled “The Longevity Factor”, the workshop is intended to review the topic of human longevity and specifically target past theories of limits to human lifespan, current research in this area and how advances in the study of the genetic controls of cellular apoptosis, along with the sequencing of the human genetic code now can allow for specific targeted interventions to improve human longevity.

For more information and to register go to or phone (03) 9813 0439.

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