Vital Plus goes carbon neutral

Vital Plus has announced it is now certified as Australia’s first carbon neutral spa products provider under the Low Carbon Spa & Beauty Initiative.

The New South Wales-based distributor of Gernetic and VSpa products supplies spas, beauty salons and other businesses in Australia. The company decided to participate in the NoCO2 certification program through the Low Carbon Spa & Beauty Initiative conducted by the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI).

Vital Plus commissioned CRI to audit the greenhouse gas emissions produced from its operations. The audit provided Vital Plus with an understanding of its climate change impact so that it can benchmark and communicate its efforts in reducing all business greenhouse gas emissions.

Having identified their emissions sources, Vital Plus is now exploring and acting on ways to reduce carbon emissions, including energy efficiency, renewable energy options and staff education. Vital Plus purchased carbon credits to offset its unavoidable emissions.

Launched at last year’s Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo, The Low Carbon Spa & Beauty Initiative was designed to provide spas and other beauty-related businesses with a reliable action plan against climate change, and to help them investigate practical ways to reduce power, water and waste in their businesses.

Frank Sellam, Director of Vital Plus, said: “To demonstrate our commitment to the environment we are investigating ways to lower our carbon footprint beyond purchasing carbon credits. We were really keen to become carbon neutral as a demonstration of our commitment to the environment and we are proud to be a leader in this field.”

Vital Plus says it hopes other businesses in the beauty industry follow their lead and participate in the Low Carbon Spa & Beauty Initiative.

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