Ultraceuticals CEO Karen Wilkin-Donachie and founder Dr Geoffrey Heber at the Ultra-Reti launch

Fourteen years after introducing retinol (vitamin A) into its skincare products, Ultraceuticals has launched Ultra-Reti retinol mircoparticles ,“one millionth of the size” of its predecessors, in its latest range.

Speaking at the launch of the Ultra A Skin Perfecting Range, Ultraceuticals research scientist Dr Shiva Farabi said the microparticles would enable retinol to “penetrate faster and more effectively with a higher loading capacity”.

“Ultra-Reti are formed by encapsulating pure Vitamin A into a soft wax base which is readily absorbed into the skin,” she said.

“This is similar to what we had in our old particles but a million times more refined. Therefore the retinol dosage in the new product remains the same but we  have many more micro- messengers carrying it to the skin much faster and more effectively.”

Dr Geoffrey Heber, the founder of Ultraceuticals, said that retinol has been one of the keys to the brand’s success since its launch in 2003.

“Retinol is recognised an one of the most effective substances for the care of ageing and UV-damaged skin due to its capacity to stimulate collagen production, accelerate cell reproduction and normalise skin keratinisation, etc,” he said.

“Retinol is however an unstable molecule and must therefore be stabilised to maintain optimal potency until usage.”

He said Ultra-Reti ensures the “effective stabilisation and delivery of retinol to the skin” to “produce significantly plump and visibly diminished fine lines and wrinkles”.

“It also leads the way with superior stability over a six-month time frame when compared to unprotected Retinol and other competitor stablisation technology.”

The brand’s new Ultra A Skin Perfecting Range consists of three products in Mild, Serum and Concentrate.

The brand is planning to rollout other products such as the Ultra A Perfecting Eye Cream and UltraMD range in the near future.