New Trainer Makes A Splash At Inskin

The self-confessed “beach junkie” and latest addition to the Inskin Cosmedics team, Lia Trebilcock tells us what still gives her goosebumps after all these years…

Inskin Cosmedics’s newly appointed national education and training specialist, Lia Trebilcock, will call on her wealth of industry experience as she dives head-first into her new role.

With a background in naturopathic and nutrition studies, Trebilcock started her career as a beauty and massage therapist.

She has owned and directed her own spa and credits the six-year experience for her “real” education, along with managing two very high end spas in Victoria.

Trebilcock’s passion for training and education is not only a dominant force in her professional life, but she is also an ocean swimming instructor.

“I just love helping people learn, whether it’s in the classroom, the salon or the ocean…that moment when something finally clicks for someone, even after all these years, still gives me goosebumps.”

That moment when something finally clicks for someone, even after all these years, still gives me goosebumps.

In her new role, she aims to move the Inskin national training program away from lecture-focused training towards a more interactive focus.

Beauty therapists are tactile. We need to write, feel, touch, draw and experience during training.

Trebilcock hopes to embrace a more technological approach to the program, moving towards an online platform including online live sessions and webinars, which will particularly benefit those undergoing training in regional locations.

As an athlete and qualified surf life saver at Bondi Beach, it’s no surprise that Trebilcock wants her programs to be as fun and hands on as possible.

“Creating education or training programs that are fun, engaging and memorable is super enjoyable and gives my brain the workout it always seems to be looking for!”

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