SILK Laser Clinics announces partnership with EMSCULPT®

BTL Aesthetics and SILK Laser Clinics have announced that they have formed a new partnership. The affiliation will see SILK Laser Clinics move into the body treatment arena with the launch of fifteen BTL Aesthetic EMSCULPT® devices into selected SILK Laser Clinics locations across Australia. 

EMSCULPT®’s revolutionary new technology strengthens and defines muscles and disrupt fat cells. Used by a plethora of A list stars and elite athletes, EMSCULPT® is equivalent to doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats in 30 mins. The technology utilises patented HIFEM® magnetic field energy and induces approximately 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions, which cannot be achieved voluntarily, to help target hard-to-tone areas.

Respected national brand SILK Laser Clinics take pride in making aesthetics accessible to all in a safe, trusted and relaxing environment. Services include laser hair removal, cosmetic injections, skin treatments, skincare and (in South Australia) laser tattoo removal. Skin and cosmetic treatments designed to help clients look and feel their best, and now, SILK clients can transform their bodies as well. This new collaboration will establish SILK as a leader in non-invasive body treatments, which is the fastest-growing area of aesthetics. An exciting expansion that is in line with the SILK brand’s ethos of only working with the most reputable, clinically tested and approved devices. 

“The deal was in its initial stages pre COVID restrictions, and SILK Laser Clinics and BTL are excited to be moving forward with the rollout,” said Martin Perelman, Managing Director of SILK Laser Clinics. “The official launch will commence from August 2020 with Emsculpt devices available in key clinics in SA, WA, NSW, QLD, NT and TAS. We are delighted to be providing a world-leading body treatment for our clients that want help to build muscle, burn fat and get into shape for summer. We will no doubt attract many new men and women into SILK that are interested in fitness, wellness and core strength. It is an exciting and positive time for the business.”.

Tested in several independent clinical studies, BTL EMSCULPT® delivers consistent results, with a 16% increase in muscle mass, a 19% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat and a 14.3% reduction in visceral fat (with 17 out of 22 patients showedreduction higher than 10%). The average waist measurement sees a decrease of 4.4 cm reduction in the thickness of the subcutaneous abdominal fat layer. EMSCULPT® is the first and only HIFEM® technology to build muscle and burn fat. The device has multiple applicator sizes available for treatments that focus on the abdomen, buttocks, arms or calves. EMSCULPT® has a 95% patient satisfaction rate with 500,000+ treatments annually in the world.

SILK Laser Clinics are Australia’s fastest-growing Aesthetic franchise businesses and an exciting and dynamic business model. There are 53 SILK Laser Clinics locations across Australia including, WA, SA, NT, QLD, TAS and NSW. A successful national brand that focusses on providing its clients with the latest technology and highest service standards in aesthetics, beautifully appointed clinics and highly trained staff. The SILK Laser Clinics chain has grown rapidly since the first clinic opened in Hyde Park, South Australia, in 2009, thanks to the brand’s excellent reputation, professional operation and the latest in Aesthetics treatments. 

“SILK Laser Clinics is a major player in the Australian Aesthetics industry and BTL Aesthetics are excited to be part of this innovative brand’s strategic growth. Martin Perelman and the team at SILK share our passion for product and treatment technology, as well as integrity. SILK Laser Clinics and BTL Aesthetics have an exciting few months ahead with the planned Emsculpt rollout,” said Gareth Pepper, National Sales Director for BTL Aesthetics Australia and New Zealand. 

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