Alcohol in salons – no liquor license needed

Raise a glass to California, beauties, because the state just introduced a law that allows salons to serve customers alcohol without getting a liquor license, but on one condition – the drinks are on the house.

High-end salon chain Drybar was the driving force behind the legislation, with Assemblyman Tom Daly responsible for helping push the bill through.

“It’s one of those areas of the law which needs to be updated to reflect modern realities,” Daly’s spokesperson David Miller told the LA Times late last year.

Miller admitted that many salons already offer alcoholic drinks to customers while they’re waiting but conceded that the practice is technically illegal.

“To be honest, if I’m about to go out and I’m doing my hair at home, I have a glass of wine while I’m getting ready,” Drybar client Missy Fitzharris told abc 7. “It makes me feel like I’m home.”

“That was something women were talking about — why they loved Drybar — they loved getting their hair done,” Webb said. “They love the confidence they had when they went out the door, but they also love having a glass of wine while sitting here.”

Despite the support from salon owners and customers, getting the bill passed didn’t happen without opposition. Alcohol industry watchdog groups and hospitality venue owners expressed concern about the lack of regulation.

“The only issue I have with that is proper training protocol,” Stuft Pizza Bar and Grill General Manager Frankie Arrieta told CBS Local California. ”As managers, we train our servers how to check I.D.’s, how to check out of state I.D.’s.”

The law, AB 1322, allows beauty salons, hairdressers and barbershop to serve a maximum of 12 ounces (354.882ml) of beer or six ounces (177.441ml) of wine per client, so getting blotto while you’re getting your blow-dry isn’t an issue.

We think that calls for a toast, don’t you?


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