How To Boost Your In-Salon Profits With Treatment Add-Ons

The business of beauty can often be a challenge, with traditional ways to turn a profit in salon (think, finding clients, retaining clients and re-booking clients more often) sometimes simply not enough. While making your clients feel happy and confident goes a long way to loving this profession, the requisite cash reward is, of course, essential to your salon, so we’re revealing an ingenious way to increase your dough, igniting your profits as we head into 2017.

Service add-ons provide a simple solution to making extra money alongside your already-existing services, as well as acting as a unique luxury feature that only enhances those services for your clients. Enter LonVitalite, an Australian salon-exclusive skincare brand that launched in 2009 and has since been implemented in around 700 salons nation-wide (not to mention, in a true mark of millennial success, amassing an impressive 40,000 Instagram followers).

The brand offers serum-infused face, eye and lip masks that serve as add-ons to your salon services. Think of cooling face-masks after skin needling, injectable treatments or micodermabrasion, eye masks as essentials facets of the lash extension service and more. The masks can be applied in both cool or hot form and provide soothing qualities that mitigate bruising, help the skin and offer an additional sense of luxury. Salons charge around 10 or 20 dollars for these extra features, a seemingly small amount for each individual that quickly adds up for your salon’s cash register.

The masks are proudly cruelty free, formulated without parabens and developed in Germany with 100 per cent natural plant-based collagen. The diverse range caters to clients with a variety of skincare needs, from hydration to fighting pigmentation and brightening. The masks are suitable for all skin types and are easy to use, boasting a large profit margin and making your clients feel valued.

Providing other monetary benefits, the brand offers box-set retail products for you to sell to your clients for in between their salon treatments. They can also be used as the hero tool within mini-facials, a speedy service that provides a quick way to make more money, which can act as a stand-alone treatment (think marketable ‘lunch-time specials’) or provide an extra during waxing or nail treatments.

LonVitalite has mastered the social media age (may we say again – 40,000 Instagram followers?) and provides its salons with necessary support. Encourage your clients to share their mask selfies (that’s a thing) on Instagram through the hashtag #LonSelfie while tagging @lonvitalite for the chance to win products – your salon will then be promoted through the brand’s considerable social media channels. The brand also supplies in-salon promotional materials (all with its famously sophisticated aesthetic) in order to drive client awareness.

An appropriate add-on goes a long way in salon, reinforcing a myriad of diverse treatments, offering your salon a luxurious point of difference and making your clients feel special – all for a significant profit margin. It’s money-making avenue you’d be wise to pursue.

Watch a video of how to utilise the LonVitalite products below.

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