Q&A with Guinness Records Holder Naja Rickette

Hollywood nail stylist Naja Rickette is now the new Guinness World Records holder for polishing the highest number of clients in an eight-hour period. Professional Beauty chats to Naja about this achievement.

2.12.2014 Naja with Guinness World Record representative Philip Robertson
Naja and her award

What is the exact title you hold?
I now own the Guinness World Records achievement for the most nails filed and varnished by an individual in an 8-hour period. Essentially, the record stands for the most polish changes in 8 hours. A standard polish change at a nail salon involves shaping the nails, removing any old polish and then polishing. I had to reach 50 people in order to set the record, which I achieved at the 6-hour mark, so I continued on to the full 8 hours to see how many more people I could do. I wanted to give it 110% and get to the highest number of people that I could complete in 8 hours.

Guinness World Records set all the parameters. There was a set of rules and steps that needed to be completed on each client.

For female participants, the steps I needed to complete were as follows:

1. Consult with participant, check for contra-indications;
2. Sanitize the hands;
3. Assess the hand and nail conditions;
4. Remove nail varnish, if necessary;
5. File the nails;
6. Apply base coat;
7. Apply 2 coats of varnish; and
8. Apply top coat.

If I was working with a male participant, then I completed the same steps except I would buff the nails to shine rather than polishing them. All the female participants needed to be polished. They could not get a buff shine.

2.12.2014 Naja Polishing Nails with Guinness World Records representative Philip Robertson looking On

Where did the event take place?
We filmed the record setting event at the Kimble Hair Studio in West Hollywood, CA. The studio is owned by my close friend, famed hair stylist Kim Kimble who has been Beyoncé’s personal hair stylist for the last 17 years. The Guinness World Records rules stated that the record attempt had to be in a public venue so I was so honored that Kim allowed me to do it there.

2.12.2014 Naja Setting GWR 1

What products did you choose for the event, and how did you make that choice?
My two favorite polishes to polish with are Deborah Lippman and Essie polish. Right out of beauty school I started using Essie polish. I find it very user-friendly. The bottle easily fits in my hand and I like the width and length of the brush. It’s my go-to polish on set when I normally am not polishing with a table and chair, but am often kneeling in between a hair and makeup person while the client is waving her hands, eating lunch and talking on the phone as I am trying to polish her nails. That can be very challenging, so I am very serious when I select the brush with which I am going to polish my clients!

I also used my favorite bottom and top coats by Famous Names Products called “Lumos.” “Lumos” has a lightning speed top coat which is perfect for on-set work, fashion shows and Guinness World Record attempts.

I also used one of my new favorite products: The Valentino Beauty Pure machine. It captures nail dust and odors at the source. I feel it was a life saver in this 8 hour marathon of polishing and filing.

How do you expect being a Guinness World Records titleholder will impact your career?
Well, I am definitely qualified to teach people how to polish with speed and precision for maximum results, repeat customers and more income!

For more information visit http://www.najanailguru.com/ 

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