Vagheggi Bio+ arrives in Oz

Professional Salon Brands has launched the Vagheggi Bio+ COSMOS-certified organic skincare brand into Australia.

PSB managing director John Restaino says Bio+ is a “next generation” organic skincare line “totally unlike anything else available in Australia”.

John, who has been distributing Vagheggi skincare products in Australia for 10 years, says the company’s new brand is vastly different to its other skincare products.

“Vagheggi has been manufacturing natural skincare products for more than 40 years but they (like almost all other natural/organic products on the market) are not COSMOS certified.”

The COSMOS-standard, which came into force in 2010, covers “all aspects of the sourcing, manufacture, marketing and control of cosmetic products” including origin and processing of ingredients, water quality, storage and packaging, environmental management (waste minimisation and recycling), labelling and communication.

John says that although many brands claim to be natural or organic, most just contain just one or two certified ingredients and “very few undergo the rigorous scrutiny that is required to meet the COSMOS-standard where even the cleaning solutions used on manufacturing equipment must comply with strict standards”.

COSMOS certification guarantees “no toxic synthetic pesticides, herbicides or chemicals are used in the production of ingredients or manufacturing of products”. In addition it ensures that at least 95 percent of ingredients are of natural origin and at least 20 percent of the total product is biological.

John says the decision to launch Vagheggi Bio+ into Australia was “very easy” to make as he strongly believes that the brand “represents a stand and a movement in cosmetics to natural, organic, vegan and cutting-edge technologies”.

Although the Italian brand’s first shipment of stock only arrived last month, the number of enquiries from salons, clinics and spas has already been “overwhelming”.

“We believe this is reflective of where the consumer trends are heading,” says John.

“There is no denying there is a global ‘awakening’ or movement towards organic as more and more people become increasingly educated and aware of the health risks associated with exposure to non-organic products and foods that contain harmful toxins and carcinogens.

“For this reason we have found that our stockists are openly looking to fill the gap in their business with a treatment offering supported by a certified organic skin line that is not only good for their clients’ skin but at the same time ‘active’ due to its patented Molecular bi-liquification technology.

“This new delivery system feeds the skin with high quality organic active ingredients allowing Vagheggi Bio+ to address ageing, dehydration and loss of elasticity and low-grade breakouts in the skin.

“We believe it is the ‘next generation’ organic skincare line that performs like no other organic skincare line on the market – and from the feedback we’ve received this is exactly what the conscious consumer is looking for.”


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